Pediatric Physiotherapy Edmonton

Pediatric conditions are tough to handle as a parent, you may experience distress, depression, and so on. Getting Pediatric Physiotherapy Edmonton is one of the best thing to do. We believe that kids with pediatric conditions are a gift to you and the world. They can do the work they love tirelessly for hours together and still wouldn’t lose more energy, that’s the gift given to many kids suffering from pediatric conditions. Differently abled can be treated and their situation can be improved with Pediatric Physiotherapy Edmonton, Family physiotherapy offers true care and treatments to the kids.  Kids with different abilities are a gem of the world. Being patient is the key when communicating with your differently abled kid, with this you can get positive outputs from them.

Family Physiotherapy in Edmonton will reduce your stress and anxiety caused by the challenges you encounter as a parent. Whatever the situation maybe we will provide solutions, UNICEF says around 240 million children around the world are born with pediatric conditions till now. If your child is one among them, it can easily be addressed and the best can be brought out of your child very soon. Trust the process and let Family Physiotherapy handle your situation right now. We see many children every day with different conditions, our physiotherapists work tirelessly to bring the best out of each child they encounter. Tuning your child to make them reach their optimum level of response and motor movements will need patience and physiotherapy handling. In most scenarios improvements have been seen within a few therapy sessions from our loving occupational and pediatric physiotherapists. 

Some common conditions in Children that need Physiotherapy

  • Gross motor Delay
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Juvenile arthritis
  • Scoliosis
  • Down syndromes
  • Torticollis
  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD) 
  • Hyperactivity
  • Hyperlexia etc
Pediatric Physiotherapy Edmonton

There are so many other conditions we face as pediatric physiotherapists in Edmonton, these conditions give us more insights into children with different abilities. We get to know how to treat them to improve their condition. Our child physios are well experienced in treating differently abled children in Edmonton.

Our treatment plan will be made according to the nature of the child. If you are around Edmonton and looking for a child Physiotherapist, Family Physiotherapy has very good, young, talented, and creative physiotherapists who will address the needs and necessities of your child with proven physiotherapy treatments. We do it with a positive attitude towards you and your kid hoping your kid will respond and improve in every work & activity received from our therapists.  Try our Pediatric Physiotherapy Edmonton. 

It is hard for many people to handle children with special needs. Our child physio will pay more attention to the behavioral pattern and attention span of your child, this will help them to enhance the treatment plan that is being structured for your child. We will teach your child all functional activities to make function easily on this earth. If you are in need of professional support for your child Family Physiotherapy’s Pediatric Physiotherapy Edmonton. 

Note to Parents having differently abled children

We always give homework to both parents and their children. Improvements in kids with special needs should always be slow and steady to bring out the best in them. A piece of advice to parents is to always be in the physical therapy session and watch the child respond to our physical therapies.

Your observance will build more insights into your brain and help you develop your kid from home. You as a parent will spend the most time with your child, which gives you an added advantage to condition and treating your child. This process will also build a bond between you and your child and will help you both in the future to have a good relationship. 

Pediatric Services at Family Physiotherapy

The main service of Family physiotherapy is educating the parents, we as therapists could spend only a little time with your kid but can give you an enormous idea of how to live joyously with your kid in the future. If you visit our facility you will get a clear idea of how to behave with your kid and teach them necessarily the activities effectively. Your kid is a blessing and we believe in it, so give us a try. We give multi-dimensional therapy to kids, these are noninvasive and will require almost no medication, our treatment for cerebral palsy is well-known among locals in Edmonton.

We give treatment to children with both

  • Psychological &
  • Physiological issues

As pediatric physiotherapists, we are treating both conditions effectively. To gain wise knowledge on such conditions click here. Our Physical & occupational therapists are devoted to their work and treat the children with the utmost love. 

Advantages of Family Physiotherapy

Your child will always feel comfortable with us and will respond immediately, trust us we have a wide experience and have made various kids with different abilities shine in our careers. Our Pediatric specialists in Edmonton are understanding and will effectively communicate with you and your child. We believe in the process of bringing out the best. Also, “the beauty lies in the journey”. You must show confidence towards your child to make them feel good and respond better. 

Now let's learn some major pediatric conditions faced by children throughout the world

Scoliosis is a curvature in the spine that develops as the child grows, the condition can become worse if left untreated in an early stage. Scoliosis can be diagnosed with

  • Uneven posture
  • Protruding ribs
  • Pain in the spine
  • Uneven Shoulders
  • Difficulty in breathing

Physio for kids is extremely important for scoliosis in children which can be very normal at the beginning but can get worse with time. The main symptom is, the muscles along the affected side will grow unevenly. The symptoms will be physically visible, in the spinal and rib region. When untreated, scoliosis will develop a deeper curve in the spine and will push the rib against your child’s lungs making it hard for them to breathe. If you see any symptoms in your child please bring them to our pediatric physiotherapy clinic. We will provide child physiotherapy treatment at our Edmonton clinic for the improvement of your child’s physical condition and breathing ability. If not treated at an early stage scoliosis can lead to permanent damage, when time passes it will be painful for the kid. The main problems faced by a child will be

  • Shortness of breath
  • Misaligned spine
  • Difficulty in movement
  • Back pain…

Our pediatric occupational therapy in Edmonton can treat such conditions effectively and provide relief to your kid as soon as possible.

There are two types of cerebral palsy occurring in kids

Congenital – The one where the child is born with such a condition or develops it soon after birth. The exact cause is unknown and many conditions may  supplement the condition.

Acquired – An acquired cerebral palsy is due to the brain damage caused after birth, it may be due to a car accident or any other harsh injuries.

Pediatric physiotherapy is highly effective in treating children with Cerebral Palsy and has proven to provide improved results even in extreme cases. The word cerebral refers to a part of the brain that controls movement and palsy refers to weakness. Cerebral Palsy leads to poor motor control & motion in children. A child with cerebral palsy may often find it difficult to move with his legs and will find it difficult to grab onto things. This will put pressure on the parents as well as the child, the condition can be diagnosed at an early age of the child. Treatment is mandatory for every child who is going through Cerebral palsy. Our treatment for cerebral palsy will be easy on the kid and parents as well, you can easily see clean results within certain consecutive sessions. Cerebral palsy needs physiotherapy attention to improve the conscious state of your child’s mind.

During a Cerebral Palsy physiotherapy session in our clinic in Edmonton, we will condition the muscles by giving them motor movements. We will observe the child as they move and we will provide activities that are necessary for the improvement of their motor skills. Cerebral palsy mainly affects the hands and legs, since these are the basics for motor movements all our training will be to improve the hand and leg functions. There are cases where other parts of the body are affected, we also have specific conditioning treatments for treating them as well. Without professional assistance, your child may face more trauma that cannot be understood as a common person. We provide occupational therapies to make your kid do their own work including loo and pee to bring self-confidence in the child and to ease the condition of the parents.

Cerebral Palsy & Postural Dysfunction

Without giving treatment for Cerebral palsy, the condition can worsen and lead to postural dysfunctions. Here the posture of the child gets affected due to the weak brain portion and this can easily be treated by Family Physiotherapy. We give proven well-engineered motor function activities to activate the portion of the brain and muscle that needs special attention. Please give us a visit to know more and improve your child’s condition. 

Congenital muscular torticollis is a condition that a child develops even before birth, this can be easily identified with a tilt in the neck region. The tilt can become prone to the naked eye within 6 to 8 weeks after childbirth. The condition will lead to neck pain, difficulty turning, improper posture and even hearing problems. Pediatric physiotherapy Edmonton for congenital muscular Torticollis is given at our Family physiotherapy clinic. We do it with the help of occupational, physical, child, and neurological expert therapists at our clinic. 

Hyperlexia is a differentiated reading condition where your child will have abnormal reading abilities but won’t understand what they read. This can be easily diagnosed with an interest of your kid in numbers and the alphabet. If your child shows exceptional reading ability beyond their age and does not understand what they read, then it needs physiotherapy. Because the situation will continue as the baby ages.

Pediatric Physiotherapy for hyperlexia at Family Physiotherapy will include:Hyperlexia

  • Speech therapy
  • Visual assistance for understanding
  • Social skill development
  • Communication Therapy
  • Understanding therapy

All these and more will be given to the kid according to the special condition your child is facing. You contact our clinic to know more about our services and get your child cured. For children having Hyperlexia, we use the child’s different abilities to treat the condition and gain valuable results. This will help your child shine in the future. 


  • Poor response to call
  • Lack of facial expression
  • Diminished identification of the caretakers
  • Lacking communication
  • Playing alone

These are some of the most common symptoms of kids with autism, the disorder is mostly developed at an early age till now. We have seen multiple children who do repetitive actions multiple times throughout the day. There is no single cause and it is caused mainly due to genetic disorders. Boys develop autism disorder four times more than girls. We provide occupational therapy and movement guidance for the kids to function well on this planet. There is no complete cure for autism disorders now. The child can be trained well to function and take care of their basic needs. We provide treatment for autism spectrum disorder and other associated disorders with full consciousness and care.


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Is Pediatric Physiotherapy effective?

Yes, as physicians we encounter multiple kids in our clinic every day, all the kids leave our clinic with an improved state of mind and physique. For both psychological and muscular conditions, physiotherapy is highly effective and has proven results.

Though all conditions cannot be cured some can. If your child needs physical therapy, do them a favor by bringing them to us. You as parents also will get guidance on how to educate your child to bring out the best in them. Happiness is a common thing seen in kids with extra abilities. Let’s be happy with what we have and spread positivity to others who are in need. Book your slot and visit our clinic in Edmonton, if you have a child with a different ability, our physiotherapists will be more than happy to help.