Foot And Ankle Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton | Family® Physio

Foot and Ankle Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton

Foot and Ankle Pain PHYSIOTHERAPY Edmonton

Foot And Ankle Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton | Family® Physio

Foot and ankle pain can significantly impair daily activities – physiotherapy care can assist. 

Family Physiotherapy treatment techniques have been shown to aid in the recovery process from injured extremities while also relieving acute and chronic pain. 

We understand that an average human spends a tremendous amount of time on their feet each day, and if a person suffers from foot or ankle discomfort, it can have a significant impact on your life. It can fill you with fear and misery when you climb the stairs, walk a block to your job, or even drive your automobile. Foot and ankle pain can be caused by a range of different factors, but Family Physiotherapy can assist you in regaining your balance. 

If you are suffering from foot and ankle pain, contact us to schedule an appointment with a professional physiotherapist in Edmonton, Canada, today. They will educate you more about how foot and ankle pain relief can benefit you and design a treatment plan that can put an end to your pain and limited movements. 

How will foot and ankle pain be treated with physiotherapy and massage therapy? 

Whether you have an acute injury or a persistent issue in your foot or ankle, Family Physiotherapy can help. Our Edmonton, Canada physiotherapists will do a complete assessment to determine the source of your discomfort and then build a foot and ankle injury treatment plan for you. Nerve-pulling sensations and pain in the foot & ankle region are the symptoms of a foot injury.

Your treatment strategy will emphasize immediate pain alleviation and symptom management through the use of one or more of the following: particular movements, manual techniques, therapeutic modalities such as acupuncture, and guidance tailored to your specific situation. 

Can physical therapist help with foot pain?

Following that, function recovery becomes critical, which will require your physiotherapist to expand your treatment plan to include strengthening of your foot, ankle, and surrounding muscle groups, balance or proprioception exercises, as well as gradual (re-)exposure to your activity, and eventually returning to living comfortably. 

We believe in creating awareness at Family Physiotherapy after a therapy session is over. Therefore, when a patient has completed their treatment, they will be educated on things that can be done to prevent foot and ankle pain. Health and nutritional tips will also be included in this session to inform the patient about a healthy and balanced life can help them escape from many ailments like this. 

Common causes of foot and ankle discomfort 

Foot and ankle pain can develop quickly as a result of an acute injury or build gradually as a result of a persistent, underlying ailment. 

There are various common reasons for foot and ankle discomfort, these includes; 

Plantar Fasciitis 

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the connective tissue in the sole of the foot. This can arise as a result of exacerbated usage or incorrect loadings, such as prolonged standing, footwear changes, or activity modifications. 

Collapsed Arches

Numerous tendons in your foot act in unison to construct your arch. When the tendons of your foot are correctly aligned, your foot will form an arch. However, if the tendons do not produce a normal arch, your foot will have a very little arch or none at all. This condition is known as “fallen arch” or “flat foot.Click Here to find out the exercises that are used to treat flat feet. The irony is that we previously believed this was a major source of pain or discomfort over time. However, we now know this is not the case, as many successful runners and sportsmen have completely normal flat feet. Therefore, if you are experiencing pain in this location, poor loading tactics may be the cause. 

Sprains and strains 

A sprain happens due to the ligament being stretched beyond its breaking point or ruptures, whereas a strain happens due to overstretching of the muscles or tendons. 

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Tarsal tunnel dysfunction develops when the tarsal tunnel gets swollen and constricted. This nerve originates in the ankle and terminates in the foot. Click here to know how to get rid of Tarsal tunnel dysfunctions.


Arthritis is a condition that can be inflammatory or degenerative, affecting the joints and causing pain; the most prevalent varieties are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Both forms of arthritis can have a significant effect on the foot and ankle joints. 


A fracture happens when excessive force or trauma is applied to the bone, causing it to crack or completely break. A foot or ankle fracture may require weeks of rest to allow optimal healing to take place. 


Tendinitis, or tendinopathy as it is now generally referred to, happens when the tendons are overloaded, causing them to become inflamed and hypersensitive. 

Your lower back serves as a referral. 

Believe it or not, roughly 30% of ankle and foot pain, either alone or in combination with other lower extremity symptoms, can be attributed to a lower back condition. 


Bursitis occurs when tendons brush against the “bursae” or anti-friction sacs, irritating and inflaming them. 

Why did I develop foot or ankle pain? 

Various factors and activities can lead to pain in the foot or ankle. Your feet and ankles are made of structural, mechanical components that must work together in order to function optimally. Your ankle joint is composed of three bones that must communicate properly with one another. 

The foot is much more complicated, with around two dozen bones, thirty joints, and over one hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Due to the complexity of the tissues that comprise your feet and ankles, pain and discomfort in those places is a relatively prevalent ailment. 

A foot or ankle injury might result in excruciating pain that prevents you from putting weight on your foot. Even mild pain might limit your daily activities and place a strain on those around you. 

Are you ready to bid farewell to foot and ankle pain? 

Allow no foot or ankle pain to slow you down! Our physiotherapy office in North West Edmonton, Canada, will assist you in determining your own mobility, comfort, and overall function, free of the limits associated with foot and ankle pain

Make an appointment with Family Physiotherapy today. We’ll help you get a comfortable foot and live a pain-free life as soon as possible. If you want to make further inquiries, call or email the clinic. We will respond to it ASAP!.

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