Post Surgical Rehabilitation Edmonton | Family Physiotherapy

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Edmonton

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Edmonton | Family Physiotherapy

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Edmonton

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Edmonton

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Edmonton

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation can aid in your recovery 

You can resume daily activities as soon as possible! 

Are you trying to recover from surgery as rapidly as possible? Obviously, you are! When preparing for surgery, it’s natural to be apprehensive about when you’ll be able to resume all of your favorite activities. 

Thankfully, knowing that you have scheduled pre-operative physiotherapy and massage treatment may reduce some of your anxiety. Are you fearful of an upcoming surgery? Allow the professionals at Family Physiotherapy to assist you! 

Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our Edmonton, Canada-based physiotherapists, or massage therapists. They will create a treatment plan specifically for your situation, allowing you to return to your life sooner! 

What can I expect from a post-surgical rehabilitation program following surgery? 

While your physician may prescribe pain medication, it has been demonstrated that physical therapy can reduce pain without the use of medication. While drugs mask the sensation of suffering, physiotherapy, and massage therapy target the source of the issue. This is performed by a combination of manual treatment, therapeutic exercises, and pain-relief techniques such as acupuncture or electrical stimulation, as well as functional exercise rehabilitation. Our priority is to restore you to full functionality. 

Furthermore, we are devoted to assisting you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle following your post-operative rehab treatments. As such, we will discuss any lifestyle and nutritional changes that may be necessary to improve your long-term health, avoid injury, and avoid the need for additional surgery. The benefits of physiotherapy after surgery are huge.

Physical limitations may develop in the days and weeks following surgery. Our therapists can advise you on other strategies for coping with these limits, such as using crutches to climb and descend stairs, dress, or enter and exit a car. This can be accomplished by utilizing adaptive technology that compensates for diminished mobility. Post-surgical rehabilitation Edmonton has helped many recover sooner from surgery. You can increase your mobility by making these adjustments while also regaining your body’s normal range of motion and strength. 

What might I anticipate from a post-operative rehabilitation program? 

Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation are key components of a successful surgical outcome. Any surgery is a form of trauma and has a number of different impacts on the body. Even minor surgical operations can have a profound effect on your health. That is why post-surgical rehabilitation with our Edmonton, Canada therapists is vital to ensuring that your treatment goes successfully. 

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Edmonton at Family Physiotherapy not only relieves pain and accelerates healing, but it also reduces the risk of postoperative complications such as infections, bleeding, blood clots, muscle weakness, inhibiting scar tissue, and decreased function, all of which can have a negative effect on your long-term health. Another critical reason to choose post-surgical rehabilitation is that it can help you decrease or eliminate your dependency on prescription pain medications, particularly opioids. 

The country is currently undergoing a national opioid crisis, which is affecting people from all socioeconomic classes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 115 people die each day from opioid overdoses, and up to 29% of people prescribed opioids develop an addiction to these dangerous prescriptions. As a result, the CDC recommends that consumers avoid prescription drugs whenever possible and seek treatment through physiotherapy or massage therapy.

Begin your recovery process immediately. 

If you anticipate having surgery soon, do not wait to prepare a post-surgical rehab plan. You may do so today with the help of Family Physiotherapy. We’ll provide you with everything you need to resume your life fast and easily! Our therapy process is natural and safe. Irrespective of the problem or underlying conditions, our physiotherapists are well-trained and licensed in providing treatment that will perfectly address your problem. 

Check below our website for our contact details. We will be happy to relieve your pain and fasten your recovery process. Family Physiotherapy will give you 100% of our effort in your recovery.

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