Acupuncture Therapy Edmonton

Acupuncture Physiotherapy Edmonton

Acupuncture Physiotherapy Edmonton

Acupuncture Therapy Edmonton


Does your day-to-day life seem to be affected due to chronic pain? Acupuncture can be the solution!

Acupuncture is a peripheral nerve stimulation therapy treatment performed by inserting sterile needles, referred to as acupuncture needles, into identified neurofunctional sites of the affected body part. They can be stimulated manually or electrically to restore abnormal activities in the nervous system or other body systems. When someone is suffering from functional problems, pain syndromes, and any form of diseases in which these modulatory mechanisms are present, neuromodulation occurs through neurohumoral and neurological mechanisms at multiple levels such as the spinal cord and cerebellum peripheral nerves, brain stem, and brain. 

Initially, this method was first performed by the traditional Chinese medicine practitioner using traditional styles. But at Family Physiotherapy, we adopted the westernized acupuncture technique, which is mechanism-based. When we provide these services, we focus on identifying neurological damages that may be causing different symptoms before designing a treatment plan to aid your recovery process and achieve set therapeutic goals. 

Acupuncture has been identified to be very effective in treating muscle tension. Some people may feel muscle tension is a minor pain, but it can end up becoming a personal health problem when not treated. In some cases, it can be caused as a result of extreme bouts of emotional stress. However, other physical factors can also lead to muscle tension as well. When a vehicle accident or sports injury occurs, there is a high possibility for a patient’s muscles to get tense, especially after sustaining a severe injury.  Also, lower back and neck pain, poor posture, and improper loading of muscles during lifting or household activities can develop muscle tension.   

At Family Physiotherapy, we have noticed that most patients opt for pain-relieving drugs to manage or relieve muscle tension. These drugs cannot provide a long-term solution and sometimes can cause various side effects that may last for a longer period. 

When you experience muscle tightness, we urge you to contact us. Muscle tightness can develop pain and can affect other parts of the body. When you come to our clinic for this session, you can benefit extensively from acupuncture and other treatment. Our physiotherapists will use this treatment technique to ease your pain and relax your body functions to provide a long-lasting solution to your muscle tension. 

More details about acupuncture. 

Acupuncture is often considered a pseudoscience because of its ancient roots in eastern medicine and semi-majestic connotations that make its effectiveness doubtful. Many scientists have tried to understand the mechanism at which this form of therapy functions, but only suggestions have been made. Some concluded that up-regulation and down-regulation of specific cellular processes help relieve pain.

Acupuncture helps stimulate natural pain-relieving mechanisms in the body as well as endorphins and neurotransmitters to help eradicate pain and muscle tension. When the needle is inserted into the affected muscles, chemicals triggers are released to the pain receptors in the brain to lessen pain and lower stiffness in the body.

Begin your acupuncture session with us today!

We can assure you that acupuncture session effectively lowers chronic pain develop from muscle tension. When we apply this therapy treatment for your condition, in addition to home-based exercise programs, it helps boost your recovery process. 

When you arrive at Family Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists specializing in acupuncture will examine you before deciding if this treatment is best for your condition. Be rest assured that you will get the best quality treatment that you deserve.

Contact Family Physiotherapy today, and we will help you find a long-lasting solution to your pains in order to live a life that you love.