Athletic Therapy Edmonton

Athletic Therapy Edmonton

Athletic Therapy Edmonton

Athletic Therapy Edmonton

Athletic Therapy Edmonton

What exactly is athletic therapy?  

Athletic therapy is a special therapeutic program designed to help athletes or individuals suffering from different musculoskeletal injuries due to strenuous activities. This therapy helps to identify, prevent, manage, reduce, and heal ligaments, joints, injuries, tendons problems. Whether you are participating in sporting activities or performing normal regular activities, this form of therapy is beneficial to your health. 

Who is an athletic therapist? 

An athletic therapist is a licensed physiotherapist who has gained useful knowledge and skills to provide on-field emergency care as well as combine sport-specific training, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy to lessen pains, improve recovery, and enhance a patient’s overall health.  When an athlete is suffering from acute, chronic, or extremely severe pain around the musculoskeletal region, an athletic therapist will perform a comprehensive assessment and design a treatment plan to help address injuries or underlying problems around the musculoskeletal areas. 

How will athletic therapy be beneficial to me? 

When you are suffering from injuries or pains, returning to your regular activities or sports will be your basic need or goal. Athletic therapy can help you develop an effective treatment plan to fasten your recovery process. 

Athletic therapy is suitable for both children and adults. When you arrive for this session, your physiotherapists will conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify the cause of your plan as well as underlying conditions that may contribute to your pain or injury.

Family physiotherapy treatment plan is focused on achieving pain-free health by using evidence-based practices such as exercises, therapeutic modalities, combining joint mobilization and rehabilitation, and taping bracing to fasten your recovery process. You must know that your assessment depends on your condition. In some cases, gestures and movements will be examined to give your physiotherapist a broad understanding of your condition. You may be recommended certain strengthening and functional exercises as well as specific sports activities to improve your conditions. 

What are the advantages of on-site/field therapy? 

  • On-site therapy offers first aid and BLS 
  • Recognition and management of concussions
  • Facilitate safe return to participate 
  • Availability of medical/emergency coverage 
  • Provides bracing and prophylactic taping 
  • Provides immediate assessment of the condition 
  • Management and recognition of various degrees of injury 

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