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Work injury Physiotherapy Edmonton / WCB

Work injury Physiotherapy Edmonton /WCB

Work Injuries Physiotherapy Edmonton

Recover from work injury using physiotherapy regimen!

Work injuries can be so devastating when they occur. It can limit your productivity, and affect your mental, physical, and income-based source, especially if your condition doesn’t seem to heal fast. We understand the need to keep your job and live a normal life; that’s why we have Work Injury Physiotherapy Edmonton to fasten the recovery process and eradicate pain. 

If you sustained an injury at work or experiencing pains from work-related activities, we urge you to contact Family Physiotherapy right away. We will help you create a treatment plan that will aid your recovery process as well as work together with your health insurer to provide you with the needed care. 

What can lead to a work injury?

A work injury is a form of injury sustained by an employee while on the job or within the premises of their working environment. Motor vehicle accidents during commencing work also come under work injuries. Every occupation has its potential harm if safety precautions are not followed. You can fall victim to work injury due to office work, such as sitting in an exact location for a prolonged duration which can cause pain in your back, neck, or hip.

Most times, workers get work injuries due to minor mistakes that can be avoided. Contact Family Physiotherapy to seek therapeutic care if you feel pain at work. The earlier injuries are treated the lower the possibility of a complicated condition occur. 

Common conditions that can cause work injury?

Various conditions can lead to work injuries. Some of the frequent causes of work injury include; 

Sprains and strains

Sprains and strains usually occur due to stretching the ligaments and tendons beyond their normal limits Work Injury Physiotherapy Edmonton can be used to treat them effectively. It can occur due to trauma, improper use of equipment, or anything. When you are suffering from sprains, strains, or any related work injuries, Family Physiotherapy can help you curtail the pain.

Back pain

Oftentimes, lots of employees complain about back pain. For some people, it is already a regular source of pain while at work. But do you know that different types of work-related activities can cause back pain at work? Inactivity at work, such as sitting for a long time, can develop back pain. Likewise, frequent lifting of heavy-weight objects, poor posture, and rotating your back in an improper way can all cause back pain. If you are suffering from back pain; contact Family Physiotherapy for any early treatment and long-lasting solution.  


Tendinitis is a condition that occurs as a result of excessive overuse and repetitive motion of specific body parts. When a patient suffers from these conditions, some of the symptoms experienced include pain, swelling, and tenderness. These symptoms mostly occur at the shoulders, knees, and elbows. If you notice any swelling at these parts, kindly visit Family Physiotherapy to correct it.

Carpal Tunnel syndrome

This condition may occur when the median nerve in the wrist is pressed due to continuous motions. Activities such as typing as well as assembly line work can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. According to research from Harvard health, it was concluded that receiving early treatment when suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome helps to lower the risk of sustaining long-term nerve damage.  When you come for our physiotherapy program, light exercises will be included in your treatment plan to enhance the strength of your muscles both at your wrist and hand. In addition, improve your flexibility too.  

Auto accidents

Auto accidents are one of the risks for a person whose job requires a vehicle. Auto accidents can range from mild to severe conditions depending on the collision or nature of the accident. When a person falls victim to an auto accident, they can likely sustain fracture and severe whiplash. If you recently had an auto accident or you are suffering from pain and inflammation, contact Family Physiotherapy to help you recover as soon as possible. 

Work injuries physical therapy

Physiotherapy techniques have been proven to be outstanding, effective, and successful in treating various work injuries, no matter the age. When you arrive for a therapy appointment at Family Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists will use modernized therapeutic techniques to relieve your pain, improve mobility and stability, and restore damaged function to normal. 

Begin your recovery treatment with Family Physiotherapy today!

During your treatment session, a comprehensive assessment will be carried out to discover the cause of your problem and any underlying condition that may contribute to your pain.  Then, your physiotherapist will determine which therapeutic care can be applied to treat your condition. No one has a similar body and recovery speed so a wide range of treatment plans will be used. Also, you will be educated on certain techniques to adopt in case of recurrence and how to prevent it sooner or later.

If you are injured at work, Contact Family Physiotherapy immediately, to book an appointment and begin your treatment program. We will work with your healthcare provider to speed up your recovery process and get you back on track.

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