Pre-Surgical physiotherapy Edmonton | Family® Physiotherapy

Pre-Surgical physiotherapy Edmonton

Pre-Surgical physiotherapy Edmonton | Family® Physiotherapy

Pre-Surgical physiotherapy Edmonton

Pre-Surgical physiotherapy Edmonton

Pre-Surgical physiotherapy Edmonton | Family® Physiotherapy

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Pre-surgical physiotherapy  is often referred to patients who are about to undergo surgery. In most cases, a month or two months before your surgery, physiotherapy can meaningfully haste your recovery period. You might be feeling anxious during the preparation for your surgery, but the pre-hab program will assist you to be relaxed and put your mind at ease because you have absolutely nothing to worry about. A pre-habilitation will help you mentally and physically get ready for the future process.

Suppose you have a pending surgical operation that might occur during any period. In that case, it is pretty normal to be a little worried about how the surgery will take place and how long the recovery will be. Pre-Surgical physiotherapy Edmonton can help you escape from that anxious state. Suppose you plan to participate in physiotherapy treatments after surgery which is undeniably helpful for the therapeutic process; both pre and post-surgical physiotherapy provides numerous benefits that will assist you before and after your surgery. 

Does pre-hab help?

Surgery can cause a traumatic toll on your body; therefore, it should be performed when no options are available. If you decide to participate in therapeutic sessions before your surgery period, you can improve the outcome and lessen your recovery period. Pre-hab will assist you in recovering and encouraging pain relief before the surgery, as it prepares your body for the process. Pre-hab helps you improve the range of motion patterns with physical exercise that you can engage in before and after your surgery to speed up your recovery period. Physiotherapy will also assist you in improving your physical health and encourage your general well-being. 

What does a pre-surgical physiotherapy session look like?

Pre-surgical rehab will be beneficial to you as a pre-surgical patient. You are making a good decision by visiting a physiotherapist who will help you find out what kind of treatment will be perfect for you before your surgery in order to ensure your surgery goes smoothly. 

When you are conscious and feeling healthy, strong, and flexible, you will function properly following surgery. Therefore, your physiotherapist will design a rehabilitation plan to aid your recovery after surgery. This may include exercises and other therapeutic modalities to place you in optimal condition before undergoing surgery.

The reason to consider pre-surgical rehab

As mentioned earlier above, pre-hab will assist you in being prepared for your surgery. However, there are several reasons why you should opt for pre-surgical rehab and how it will help your surgery to be successful, these include;

  • Pre-hab reduces pain– Whatever surgery you are planning to undergo, visiting a physiotherapist will help lessen the pain you will go through during and after surgery. It can be performed in different ways, including exercising, ice or heat therapies, and engaging in something you enjoy doing.
  • Pre-hab enhances stamina– There will constantly be a loss of strength following surgery. However, pre-hab will assist you in reducing the power you will lose during the surgery and instead increase your stamina before the operation process. Involving in physical activities can improve your energy and make the surgery easier to carry out.
  • Pre-hab improves outcome- Prehab can enhance the result of your surgery and even save the cost you are about to spend on the surgery if everything goes as planned. If you are strong enough before the operation, it is most likely that the surgery will be carried out successfully.
  • Pre-hab decreases complicationsPhysical therapy treatment can assist in increasing you’re your endurance and strength. In this instance, it can improve your resistance in which the chance of being infected after the surgery is minor.
  • Pre-hab may help you avoid surgery–  If your treatments work well and your condition improves, it is quite possible to avoid surgery as well. If your pre-surgical state improves, you must consult your physician about future treatment and specific ways to avoid surgery if possible. 
  • Pre-hab shortens recovery-When you complete your pre-surgical program before your surgery, your recovery can be smoother than it will be without physiotherapy treatments. Having a strengthened muscle before the surgery helps you get back to your daily activities

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Are you about to have surgery? Family physiotherapy can help you make your surgery less painful and likely possible to avoid surgery. Our therapy technique is safe and non-invasive. Your treatment plan will be designed based on your diagnosis and health conditions. If you want Pre-Surgical physiotherapy Edmonton, Contact Family Physiotherapy to begin a pre-rehab session.

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