Knee Pain PHYSIOTHERAPY Edmonton

Ease your movements by relieving your knee pain – Your knee pain questions addressed

knee pain physiotherapy edmonton

Do your knees feel sore, stiff, or even weak that they may buckle beneath you unexpectedly? 

Knee Physical Therapy

Knee discomfort can be depressing, in such cases knee pain physiotherapy in Edmonton Can help. even more so when it prevents you from participating on the sporting field or performing on the dancing scene. If you’re having knee discomfort, physiotherapy care can help you safely and painlessly address the source of the problem. Therefore, schedule an appointment with Family Physiotherapy Edmonton and get Knee pain physiotherapy Edmonton.

What role will physiotherapy therapies play in my treatment of knee pain? 

Here at Family Physiotherapy, physiotherapy treatment techniques can significantly lessen your knee discomfort and strengthen it. Our physiotherapists in Edmonton, Canada, will analyze your knee to determine the source of the problem. In some circumstances, back, hip, or ankle disorders might result in knee pain. Alternatively, structural damage to the knee or increased sensitivity to other tissues may contribute to knee discomfort. In the majority of situations, our physiotherapists can completely alleviate your pain and improve your comfort, avoiding possibly dangerous medication or surgical correction. 

During your physical examination, your therapist will move your back and hips, to examine your stance, posture, gait, and range of motion, and do special orthopedic tests to look for structural damage. Once the assessment is complete, your physiotherapists will prescribe a treatment plan for you that will focus on rapid pain relief and symptom modification through the use of one or more of the following: specific movements, manual techniques, therapeutic modalities such as acupuncture, and advice tailored to your case. Following that, function recovery becomes critical, which will require your physiotherapists to modify your treatment plan to include knee strengthening. These exercises will vary according to your condition; for example, persons suffering from patellofemoral stress syndrome benefit from workouts that strengthen both the hips and knees, rather than simply the knees. Finally, you’ll begin with some activity- or sport-specific exercises before gradually reintroducing your activity or sport until you can participate completely again. 

What should I be aware of about my knee pain? 

Your knee is a hinge joint that can only move forward and backward. Individually, your knees bear a greater load than your hips, six times your body weight when squatting. Proper hip and knee movement enables complex motions, allowing you to stand, walk, run, and dance without falling over. 

The lower back is usually the source of pain in a significant number of persons with knee discomfort (about 25%), and it should be checked first. After clearing the spine, your therapist will rule in or out conventional joint disorders such as arthritis, degenerative joint disease, and meniscal tears, as well as soft tissue conditions such as patella tendonitis, iliotibial band friction syndrome, or muscle strains. 

So, what is the source of my knee pain

Knee pain may start within the joint or be a symptom of an underlying illness in another body region. For example, your lower back, hips, knees, and ankles are all connected by the same kinetic chain, which means they comprise a collection of weight-bearing joints that must work in unison to ensure your body functions effectively. As a result, an issue with your back, hip, or ankle joint may result in aberrant forces being sent to your knees and vice versa. If one link in the kinetic chain is out of equilibrium, another may experience stress or strain. 

Today, alleviate your knee pain

Contact Family Physiotherapy. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert Edmonton physiotherapists now. Every treatment provided by us is 100% safe, non-invasive, and effective in addressing your problem. We provide treatments for every patient, no matter your pain, illness, disease, injuries, or underlying conditions. 

It is time to take a stance against knee discomfort – begin your journey toward pain-free function today! Your knees will thank you.

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