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Are You Looking for Natural Pain Relief? Manual Therapy May Be Beneficial 

Manual Therapy Provides Rapid, Effective, and Safe Pain Relief 

We see a large number of first-time physiotherapy patients who believe their treatments would be painful, uncomfortable, or even torturous as a result of their disease. That, however, is not the case! 

If you are experiencing pain as a result of an injury, illness, or surgical procedure, manual physiotherapy at Family Physiotherapy would likely assist you. If you are nervous, let us assuage your fears. Our physiotherapists in Edmonton, Canada, employ manual treatment techniques, and deep tissue massages to alleviate your discomfort while also increasing your body’s function. 

What will the treatment plan for manual therapy look like? 

Our physiotherapists in Edmonton, Canada, can detect and treat movement issues with manual therapy Edmonton. Your treatment plan will certainly contain multiple different therapies, each of which focuses on improving a different aspect of your body’s function. Certain exercises will be recommended to improve your balance and strength, while others will increase your range of motion. 

Manual therapy may be used as a pain-relieving method throughout the earliest phases of your treatment plan. If you would like to learn more about manual therapy, contact Family Physiotherapy in Edmonton, we will be happy to discuss it with you and tell you more about the treatment process.

Is manual therapy a safe practice? 

Yes, in a word! One of the most advantageous elements of manual treatment is its non-invasive nature. Additionally, it does not involve the use of any potentially dangerous medications. Rather than that, our physiotherapists employ a range of treatments to assist in the movement of your tendons, ligaments, and joints in order to alleviate pain and promote recovery. 

Our physiotherapists in Edmonton, Canada, are highly trained medical specialists who understand your body’s limitations and capabilities. Indeed, many patients report great pain alleviation and increased mobility following only one session. 

What are the many classifications of manual therapy? 

Techniques of manual therapy Edmonton may include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Mobilization of Soft Tissue 

Our physiotherapists in Edmonton, Canada, use soft tissue mobilization treatments to manipulate the soft tissues. This is accomplished through deep pressure and rhythmic stretching, which enables them to locate and mobilize severely restricted parts of your body. 

Previously, it was believed that soft tissue mobilization was utilized to break up scar tissue and adhesions and improve blood flow and circulation to the damaged muscles and soft tissues. However, we now understand that this is not the case. Although, we still don’t know which mechanism is applied to achieve a promising result from this form of therapy as well as how it works. But we can only speculate that it works by some type of neurophysiological mechanism. 

  • Mobilization in Collaboration 

When you suffer from acute pain following an injury, it may be due to a limited joint. Our physiotherapists have been properly trained to mobilize restricted joints using low-velocity pressure. 

Mobilization treatments are safe, effective, and painless, resulting in an increase in range of motion, a decrease in pain, and an improvement in the mobility of the restricted joint. 

  • Mulligan Concept – Mobilization through Movement 

Our Edmonton, Canada physiotherapists are guided by the basic rule of avoiding inflicting pain on their patients when applying the Mulligan Concept. Rather than that, we use mobilization with our hands or specialized straps to mobilize the spine and peripheral joints. We can alleviate pain and stiffness by employing this concept. 

  • Traction by hand 

When our physiotherapists apply manual traction to a specific part of the body, they gently stretch the soft tissues using their hands on the affected part of the body in order to restore normal and natural movement. While manual traction is most frequently used on the neck, it can also be used on other regions of the body, including the arms, legs, and back. 

Today, find relief with manual therapy! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the numerous benefits of manual therapy, contact Family Physiotherapy today! 

Our dedicated physiotherapists would gladly meet with you and help you regain your mobility.

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