Whiplash Response Regimen Physiotherapy Edmonton



Whiplash Response Regimen Physiotherapy Edmonton


Get relieved today through a whiplash response regimen

Did you sustain an injury from an automobile accident? We can help you ease your pain and fasten your recovery process using a whiplash response regimen. Family physiotherapy understands that automobile accidents can sometimes be severe and may require proper and quality treatment to manage such conditions. And that’s why our Edmonton practitioners are well trained in rendering various therapeutic services to help patients achieve the comforts they deserve. 

Here at Family Physiotherapy, when a patient is suffering from pains, injuries due to an automobile accident, we use a whiplash response regimen to eradicate pain and enhance recovery. This therapy is safe, non-invasive, and result-promising when treating problems caused as a result of an automobile accident. 

For further inquiry about the whiplash response regimen or to book an appointment, contact Family Physiotherapy today!!!  Our physiotherapists will use therapeutic knowledge and technology to address your condition.  

What is whiplash? 

Whiplash is a problem related to the neck as a result of sudden high impact and movement of the head in a unilateral direction (forward and backward), causing injuries, pain, and discomfort around the neck’s musculoskeletal structure. 

What is WAD?

WAD, also referred to as whiplash associated disorder, are signs and symptoms developed as a result of an automobile collision from an accident. These symptoms and signs vary from one individual to another and depend on the impact of the collision. In most cases, these symptoms and signs can be experienced after an automobile accident or some days after the incident.  

When you arrive at Family Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists will identify the category of whiplash disorder you are suffering from based on symptoms and other health information provided. Identifying your WAD category is important to aid your physiotherapist’s understanding of the type of injury you sustained and guide your treatment process following an automobile collision.  

How is a whiplash response regimen performed at Family Physiotherapy? 

Once you arrive for your scheduled appointment at Family Physiotherapy, one of our physiotherapists will attend to you. During this session, we urge patients to ask questions to keep you and the physiotherapist on the same page. Information relating to the accident, symptoms noticed, health history, and limitations will be asked before a comprehensive examination is done. 

Your examination will comprise biomechanical, musculoskeletal, and neurological tests. This will enlighten and aid your physiotherapist when developing a treatment plan. You may be requested to touch your arms, head, neck, and also do certain movement practice to check out your motion range, strength, tenderness at the shoulder, back, and neck, flexibility at your limb, and type of pain felt around affected parts. 

Upon completing the whole assessment, your physiotherapist will use every information obtained to design a suitable personalized treatment plan that will help relieve your pain and hasten your recovery. 


If you are a victim of an automobile accident and have been experiencing pain and discomfort since the incident occurred? We can help you out! There might be chances of you having a whiplash associated disorder (WAD) without knowing quickly. 

Contact Family Physiotherapy to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists. They will perform the necessary assessment to identify the cause of your pain likewise the number of damages before creating a treatment plan.  Our whiplash response regimen effectively eradicates pain and improves recovery following an automobile collision. 

Call or email us today, and we will be delighted to guide you down your recovery process.