Custom Orthotics Edmonton

Are you feeling pain in your foot? Custom orthotics can relieve your pain. 

Most people experience pain in their body, including the ankle, feet, back, and hip. These issues are primarily aligned with the feet and can be attained with custom orthotics. Custom orthotics allow the feet and lower edges to work correctly at the highest potential by ensuring ideal positioning and perfect re-alignment of your spine and leg. They assist in decreasing pain, increasing stability, preventing foot deformity or keeping it from getting worse, and keeping the foot in a better position inside the shoe and improving it. 

Sports Orthotics Edmonton

Custom orthotics are pretty expensive than off-the-shelf devices. They last longer and provide you with foot support and correction. Orthotics are long-lasting and comfortable, and you have no worries while putting them on. There is a pressure map to measure how your feet will react to the ground when you are working. It is also designed to reduce the strain and stress on your body. 

Do I need a prescription for custom orthotics?

If you feel any pain or discomfort around your foot, Contact Family Physiotherapy to provide a solution that will help relieve your pain. Our therapists are highly trained and well-experienced in designing your treatment plan as well as providing a suitable layer to keep you in a proper position.

The importance of custom orthotics 

Custom orthotics are mainly essential to patients that are experiencing poor foot mechanics and for people that are experiencing the following symptoms that include:

The conditions that require the use of custom orthotics

  • Back pain- is caused by malalignment of the feet and causes collapsing of the knee inward. 
  • Heel spurs- are caused by tissues growing out of the calcaneus bone on the heel. The pressure from the change in walking triggers it. 
  • Ankle sprain– The instability of the ankle can be treated with proper orthotics.
  • Diabetes- This affects the circulation in the feet, and it can be controlled by getting custom orthotics to relieve the pressure.
  • Shin Splints– This irritation of the shin bone is caused by tedious stress when skipping, jogging, or jumping.

The types of custom orthotics

There are different types of custom orthotics, but there are three main categories supposed to change the foot’s function, the ones that reduce discomfort or pain and the ones that combine the two aspects. Click here to know some cool health benefits you may get by opting for custom orthotics.

Soft orthotic- They are produced smooth and with compressible materials. This assists in improving balance, absorbing shock, and taking off inconvenient sores in the foot. This type of orthotic is active for deformities where there is a loss of protective fatty tissue on the part of the foot. They also assist people who have diabetes.

Semirigid orthotics- They are used mainly by people that engage in athletics. It allows for dynamic balance of the foot while carrying out exercises or engaging in sports. It allows for the muscles and tendons to work competently.

Rigid custom orthotics- They are designed to regulate foot function. They are made from a firm material like carbon fiber or plastic. These custom orthotics control motion in the foot joints and the ankle joint. It improves the state of pain in the thighs, legs or abnormal function in the foot.

Visit Family Physiotherapy for your custom orthotics!

You may have been recommended custom orthotics before but didn’t yield any improvement. At our clinic, we have well-experienced specialists that provide custom orthotics to aid a patient’s condition.  

When you arrive for this session, your feet will be examined thoroughly to identify the cause of the problem as well as other underlying conditions that can be contributing to your symptoms. Kindly know that custom orthotics are only a stage in the entire treatment process. Call or email Family Physiotherapy if you want to make further inquiries.

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