Surely, all adults understand what back pain is. Each of us has faced this problem either with the usual physical strain, or with serious back illnesses. Aching, pulling, sharp and stitching pains in the back or in the joints significantly burden life and prevent people from doing their work and enjoying life.
Most of the problems and diseases of the back and joints can be solved by physiotherapy.
There are 2 large blocks of physiotherapeutic procedures for the treatment of back pain: electrotherapy and physiotherapy exercises. Various massage methods are also in demand.


With acute, or chronic back pain, undergoing a course of physiotherapy can relieve pain and alleviate the patient’s condition. Physiotherapy is considered an effective treatment during the rehabilitation period after surgery, as it accelerates the recovery processes in the body.

  • Complex effect on the body (improvement does not occur in certain areas, but covers the entire human body. Raising muscle tone. 
  • Restoration of tissues that have been damaged. 
  • Removal of excess stress. 
  • In addition, the most important advantage of physio therapeutic procedures is their harmlessness and the absence of side effects after them.)

With a course of physiotherapy, you can achieve a stable remission for a long time. After treatment, the body’s vitality is restored, which helps to prevent the development of a chronic disease.

A correctly performed procedure helps to get rid of back pain after the first session. Relaxes muscle fibers and increases the mobility of the spinal joints.



Spinal injury is a common injury, accounting for 2-12% of total musculoskeletal injuries. At a young and middle age, men are more likely to suffer, in the elderly – women. Spinal injuries are less common in children than in adults. Usually, the cause is intense trauma, but in older people, spinal injuries can occur even with a minor injury (for example, in a normal fall at home or on the street).

Spinal Injury Pain Care Edmonton

The main manifestations of spinal injury are pain and burning sensation, swelling, redness at the site of injury. There may also be a hematoma or even an open wound. But the clinical picture largely depends on the level of the lesion and its severity.

Thus, injuries of the cervical spine are characterized by:

  • impaired sensitivity and mobility of the hands up to complete paralysis;
  • the occurrence of difficulties with turning your head; respiratory failure, shortness of breath, respiratory arrest.

As part of a physical examination, it is possible to establish the approximate location of the injury, detect visible deformities and find out what levels of the spine must be examined using an X-ray in order to exclude the presence of associated injuries. Therefore, palpation and examination is carried out throughout the patient’s body, but with great care in order to avoid causing additional damage to the patient.


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