Advanced Concussion Physiotherapy Edmonton | Family®

Complete Concussion Management Edmonton

Advanced Concussion Physiotherapy Edmonton | Family®

Complete Concussion Management Edmonton

Advanced Concussion Physiotherapy Edmonton | Family®

Complete Concussion Management Edmonton

Complete Concussion Management Edmonton

Advanced Concussion Physiotherapy Edmonton | Family®


concussion management clinic edmonton

Complete concussion management program starts after pre-season baseline testing to concussion treatment and therapy. At Family Physiotherapy, we are pleased to offer you this program in order to oversee your safe return to your regular sport or activities.

Family Physiotherapy is a proudly partnered clinic that provides concussion victims with a complete Concussion Management™ Inc (CCMI) Partnership program. We value a strong alliance with your primary health care provider in order to provide necessary concussions care. 

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is brain damage caused by the rapid and unstable movement inside the skull. In most conditions, it is caused by a massive impact force on your body, causing a biochemical imbalance among your brain cells. This further leads to a decrease in blood flow and temporary energy deficit within your brain cell.  Get concussion physiotherapy in Edmonton from Family Physiotherapy.

Common Symptoms of concussion

When you have a concussion, some of the most signs you will notice are;

  • Nausea or vomiting 

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Headache 

  • Dizziness 

  • Balance problem 

  • Head pressures

Family Physiotherapy concussion management services and strategies in streak with CCMI training. 

As a leading partnered CCMI practitioner, our concussion agendas are designed to positively impact patients suffering from concussions. Curricula available throughout concussion treatment include;

  • Cervical spine, Vestibular, and oculomotor rehabilitation

  • Exertional testing for return-to-sport readiness. If underlying signs continue, threshold exercises are presented. 

  • These tests consist of time, visual procession, neurocognitive, reaction, and balance aspects: pre-season baseline and post-injury or return-to-sport testing.

  • Educational resources and sessions

At the initial stage of concussion, the study recommends 24-48 hours of physical and cognitive rest depending on the relative symptoms and current condition. According to the international consensus statement on concussion in sport (2018), after a short period, a patient should be recommended specific activities that can enhance their physical and mental condition by a certified physiotherapist trained in concussion management.

Pre-Season Testing 

Pre-season testing is a multimodal assessment performed on you using a series of cognitive and physical tests to observe the healthy state of your brain with an indication of slightly pre-damaged. 

The status of these tests helps a CCMI specialist to have a proper insight to determine whether you have sustained a concussion while connecting it with the recognized objective standard. Due to the fact that most initial point testing is not created equal, CCMI has quantified the best instrument to assist a specialist in obtaining a well-detailed, multimodal, and proven-baseline test. You can recover from symptoms within days or weeks before your brain heals totally. Evidence-baseline information will help your specialist to make the necessary and safe choice before getting back to your regular activities. Try Family Physiotherapy Concussion clinic in Edmonton.

CCMI Concussion Tracker Smartphone Application

The CCMI Concussion Tracker smartphone application is produced to guide upcoming athletes to make decisions before returning to sports following the occurrence of concussion. When a concussion occurs, the tracker alerts relevant stakeholders about an athlete health status in order to;

  • Report and track concussion 

  • Store and access pre-session concussion assessment 

  • Proceed with immediate sideline assessments 

  • Swift communication 

  • Track daily condition and recovery process

  • Check and record your recovery status and timeline 

  • Scan and share medical documents 

If you will love to get the app visit the Google play store or app store to download a free vision of the CCMI concussion tracker

Family Physiotherapy Concussion Service cut across;

  • Acute concussion care and injury management.

  • Intensive baseline testing 

  • Concussion rehabilitation for reoccurring post-concussive symptoms 

  • Educational and certificate curricula for teachers and trainers 

CCMI Free Educational Resources

Having comprehensive information can benefit you in conditions like concussions. The earlier you discover, the quicker you can manage this condition before proper assessment and treatment.  Downloading CCMI’s free educational resources increases your awareness about concussion management.

The CCMI education resource comprises; 

  • Concussion Handbook 

  • Concussion code of conduct 

  • Implementation Guide 

  • Concussion infographics 

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Ready to start your concussion treatment today? 

Contact Family Physiotherapy to begin a concussion treatment plan today. The process is safe and very effective. We have CCMI practitioners who will be happy to guide you through the recovery process in order to achieve the type of life you deserve.  

About complete concussion management Inc.

Complete Concussion Management Inc is a worldwide concussion exploration institute with over 300 clinics providing comprehensive concussion management services, including concussion diagnosis, management, and treatment service in five countries. CCMI adopt integrated healthcare technologies and evidence-based exercise programs to improve their multidisciplinary teams’ competence in providing first-class care if they suffer from a concussion.

The goal of CCMI is to improve awareness, prevention, management, and prognosis of concussions. They aim to ensure you are experiencing concussions have access to needed health care. Every concussion technique and treatment provided to you is based on medical research and the latest approved approach to handling this condition. If you want to have more insight about CCMI, log on to