What is a Physiotherapist for Sport? 

A ‘Sports Physiotherapist’ is a specialist who has earned the Sports Physiotherapy Canada Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy (a Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association). The Diploma holder has expertise caring for athletes at all levels, whether they are high-level national or provincial athletes or everyday active Canadians. SPC’s education system enables physiotherapists to get experience and education in a variety of fields, including athletic taping, protective equipment, emergency treatment, concussion management, and exercise prescription. Physiotherapists acquire significant field experience while working closely with seasoned therapists as part of a mentorship program. 

Over 350 physiotherapists in Canada hold a Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy, while over 250 hold a Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy. These Physiotherapists’ expertise in dealing with sports injuries enables them to lead the athlete back to full activity in a safe and efficient manner. These physiotherapists receive 1600 hours of on-field training in a range of sports. Sport Physiotherapy Canada’s testing procedure verifies that these physiotherapists have attained a high standard of care and are experts in the treatment of sports injuries. 

A Sports Physiotherapist has a background in orthopedics and augments his or her therapy instruments with the skills acquired during certificate and diploma training. They are familiar with sport’s biomechanics and the underlying causes of injuries. This enables them to have a better understanding of ailments and safely reintroduce athletes to play. 

Athletes can benefit from sports physiotherapy in the following ways: 

  • Aches and pains, sprains and strains associated with sport and exercise 
  • Injuries caused by excessive use 
  • Preventing, assessing, and recovering from concussions 
  • Balance, range of motion, strength, stability, mobility, speed, power, and agility are necessary to return to sport. 
  • Education on risk management and injury prevention 
  • Performing at your utmost ability (maintenance and performance improvement)
  • Resuming normal exercise following surgery (e.g., ACL repair or rotator cuff surgery) 

To recapitulate, the athletic taping, functional return to sports training, exercise physiology, sports massage, and concussion evaluation and management skills of a Sports Physiotherapist are all part of the Sport Physiotherapist’s repertoire. They have the knowledge and ability to collaborate with sports organizations to assist them in establishing a comprehensive medical support system, whether at the grassroots or high-performance level. Numerous Diplomate in Sport Physiotherapy graduates has worked with some of Canada’s best athletes at all levels of sport. 

It is critical to understand that the term ‘trainer’ refers to an individual who works with a team or sport and provides a number of support services to the team. The instructor may be a physiotherapist or sports therapist with a certificate or diploma from Sport Physiotherapy Canada. Certain trainers may lack proper medical training beyond a first-aid certificate and understanding the activity. Prior to retaining the services of potential medical staff, it is critical to ascertain their qualifications. Provincial colleges license physiotherapists and SPC-certified physiotherapists can be found on the organization’s website. 

Schedule an appointment with us if you have any concerns about the sport physiotherapy services offered at Family Physiotherapy in Edmonton, Canada. Our physiotherapist will ensure you maximize your ability to achieve your targeted goals.

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