Whatever pain or underlying symptoms you are currently experiencing, Family Physiotherapy can help you eradicate them using sophisticated diagnostic methods, including movement assessment, chiropractic, and massage therapy care to provide you with a perfect treatment that can effectively address your problem. Every therapeutic process at Family Physiotherapy is done to help us build a better treatment plan focused on easing your pain, fastening your recovery process, and lowering the possibility of reoccurrence of injuries sooner or later. 

Our experienced team of Edmonton physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists provide treatment services that can address discomfort, injury, or pain, as well as other underlying symptoms in your body. In addition, we have a licensed and well training mental performance consultant among Family Physiotherapy staff to ensure patients’ mental health is assessed to achieve successful treatment and prevent any form of hindrance to full recovery. 

Since the inception of Family Physiotherapy, we have recorded countless success stories after a complete treatment session.  This is because we use evidence-based methods, advanced clinical reasoning skills and listen attentively to every detail provided to us. 

If you want to relieve your pain, or find a quick solution to your problems, contact Family Physiotherapy right way to have a comprehensive assessment, begin a personalized treatment plan, and get you back on the right path.

We focus on assisting every one of our patients to attain the peak of their physical potential anywhere they find themselves. Despite our vast number of years of experience in providing therapeutic services, we always believe that no two patients have the same body or recovery speed. Therefore every treatment plan must be individualized and focused on achieving the patient’s set goals. 

When you attend your scheduled appointment, one of our physiotherapists, chiropractors, or massage therapists will gather necessary information pertaining to your health as well as experiencing symptoms. They will conduct a series of examinations to identify the cause of your problem. Then after an individualized treatment plan will be created based on every detail provided and examination outcome. 

Family physiotherapy values collaboration. Therefore, our relationship with patients is focused on using our designed treatment plan to help you achieve a healthy state and fitness goals. With our natural, non-invasive, and safe methods, we believe that we can help everyone who contacts us for solutions.

Do you want to begin your relief treatment with us? 

Family physiotherapy is fully set to provide you with the necessary care that you need to address your condition as soon as possible. Your recovery is our success; that’s why we modified our environment to look warm, welcoming, safe so as to aid your healing process and comfort.

If you live in Edmonton, surrounding areas, or perhaps anywhere in Canada, we can provide you with the required treatment that will give you long-lasting relief. You don’t have to bother yourself looking for solutions because we are right here for you!!  

Contact our clinic today to book an appointment with one of our Edmonton physiotherapists, chiropractor, and massage therapists. We will be so delighted to meet with you, listen to your complaints, examine you, design a treatment plan, and begin a treatment session in order to relieve your pain and achieve a comfortable life.

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