Orthopedic Physiotherapy Edmonton

Orthopedic physiotherapy for muscle pain relief in Edmonton

The word ortho means straight. Orthopedic physiotherapy deals with correcting the body’s bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscular systems for the best possible outcome. With orthopedic physiotherapy, you can fine-tune your whole musculoskeletal system for optimal performance of the body. Family physiotherapy offers treatments for all types of orthopedic conditions in the body. May it be your knee pain, elbow tendonitis, neck arthritis, or muscular degeneration, you can get treated. By understanding any pains & strains in your musculoskeletal system you can treat them with our orthopedic physiotherapy and improve your condition and life’s quality dramatically.

If you bring your dysfunctional orthopedic body to us we will condition them and advise you on certain exercises and movements for the improvement of your present physical and psychological condition.
According to the WHO( World Health Organization), there are around 1.7 billion people on this earth suffering from musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Note that, “every dysfunctions in your musculoskeletal systems can be treated and improved”. Most of the patients coming to our facility have pains in their neck, hips, knees, elbows, and back. Since all these areas have bones, muscles, and ligaments these will be brought under musculoskeletal dysfunctions and treated with our ortho physiotherapists. 

We provide intensive care to those who are reaching out to our physiotherapy facility in Edmonton. Here we give them in-clinic mobility workouts to make their joints move fluid and get rid of their muscle pains. Our physiotherapists are well-experienced and trained professionals, they will diagnose and treat your ortho conditions with keen presence and love. We have a love for all those who are having pains & ailments in their body, we treat them based on their history and their present body condition to heal them as a whole.

Getting people to improve their physical musculoskeletal state will improve their psychological state and also improve their surgical rehabilitation time as well. This works vice versa too. Every cell in this body is connected, so any positive reaction you give to your body, may it be through a good thought or our orthopedic physiotherapy, it will have a positive impact on your physical and mental condition. If your mental health conditions are improved then, there are more chances for your muscular health to improve. If you are unsure about what you are gonna do next, feel free to contact us, our orthopedic expert physiotherapists are just a dial away.

Orthopedic physiotherapy is highly helping a wide number people who have recently undergone their surgeries. After the surgery is made, the body’s energy will be redirected toward your operated area for the healing process. This may leave stains on your other region muscles and bones that are balancing it. With manual therapies, mobilizations, and bone therapies, your condition will improve drastically and will help your healing process.

  • For example, if you had surgery on your hand for a fracture, all the energy in your body will be redirected in pasting the broken joint together. The muscular physiotherapy we provide will be helping your skeletal system to stand straight and make the healing lucid. The physiotherapy practice will take the pressures off your system.
  • For Understanding: orthopedic physiotherapy will make your healing process much faster, smoother, and more effective.

If you are old, pregnant, or cannot even reach out to our clinic we give you tele rehabilitation. In this programme you could sit in your home and receive evaluations and advice from experts in the field of ortho physio through your phone. We also provide intensive support by sending out physical therapists to your home for every special needs.

  • Anyway you can avail our tele rehabilitation service, no matter which situation you are in we will help you. We also provide hassle-free direct billing to your insurance provider to cut down your load. We are fully devoted in working towards your needs.
Orthopedic Physiotherapy Edmonton

What are the causes of ortho conditions

Orthopedic conditions are mainly caused due to

  • Age
  • Muscle dystrophy
  • Repeated muscular functions( overwork)
  • Internal inflammations
  • Muscular tears
  • Dislocations 

What is orthopedic condition

Human orthopedic conditions are still being explored with various experiments and scientific research. Any pain or strain in your muscular skeletal system can be termed under orthopedic condition.You can get an abnormal amount of pain in your musculoskeletal system without even a known cause, ortho physio can give relief to your muscles and joints. Any pain or strains in your muscle, tendons and bones can be treated by our orthopedic therapists who are in the Edmonton clinic.
  • If you bring your conditions to us we will prepare a detailed report of your activity and will find the root causes and ask you to cut down on it.
  • Sometimes muscular conditions can also be caused due to an injury that is pre-existing in our body. Eg, if you have knee pain, it may be due to an untreated injury in your elbow. This is because the muscles, bones, and tendons transfer the pressure to their supporting muscle group to complete the task given, this is done unconsciously by our Musculoskeletal system.
  • As individuals, we may not be aware of that, but the conditions spread inside and cause severe damage.

It is better to show yourself to a physical therapist as soon as you get an intuition. This will cut down the spreading of injury and treat your condition. The sessions hardly last more than an hour, so you will never fall out of your schedule if properly planned.   

While orthopedic conditions occur in the bone, joints, muscles, and ligaments, physiotherapy could provide you benefitable muscle pain relief. At Family Physiotherapy we provide treatments for all ailments caused in the above-mentioned areas. If you visit our multispeciality clinic in Edmonton we have a wide variety of faculty members and equipment to treat your orthopedic conditions. Our faculty team will analyze your body and find possible ailments and find the cause of condition and cut them down. With the found ailments, we choose our technique of treatment whether it could be manual or with the help of machines. We provide A-class treatment for all musculoskeletal ailments with the help of our professional ortho physios. Our Treatments include

There are a lot of conditions that can be treated with an ortho physio, visit our website and place your cursor under what we treat to know more about our physiotherapy treatments.

orthopedic physiotherapy edmonton

Orthopedic physical therapy for muscle pain relief in Sports!

Orthopedic conditions and sports are highly bound together. Who works more with muscle, bone, and joints, then a sports person. Sports persons and athletes use their body to compete with their fellow athletes to win medals. This competition may lead to muscle pain and injury, our therapies will provide muscle pain relief for you if you reach out to our Facility in Edmonton

How we treat orthopedic conditions

Manual Therapy for orthopedic therapy

At Family Physiotherapy we have multiple manual therapists who are certified and excelled in their careers in orthopedic treatment. This will give you an added advantage of getting help from highly qualified professionals. The manual therapies mostly deal with shallow and deep massages made according to the requirements of your muscular and skeletal conditions. If you have an orthopedic physiotherapist near you, it will be easy on you during your rehabilitation days in many ways. For getting a better idea visit us and get lots of info about our high equipped facility and enchanted therapists. 

Ortho physio for Mobility

With skeletal and muscular rehabilitation, movement is the key to success, this is said because our muscles and bones are designed for fluid movements. If our muscles and joints are kept idle for a certain amount of time, this will cause rigid muscles and joints that will pay the way for our malady. This is not just physical, even psychological disturbances could be caused by a lack of mobility. 

  • Mobility problems could be caused by various reasons, the main ones are sports, overused muscle or bone, immobility, and surgery.
  • Surgery puts us in a state where we will not be able to do our daily activities for a certain amount of time. If this is the case your healing process will be reduced virally throughout your body, one of the reasons is circulation.
  • Our body will be programmed to circulate body fluids like lymph and blood according to our day-to-day activities. After surgery, if the movements are stopped it puts a break on our circulatory system reducing the transfer of required antigens and building material for healing. 

Mobility Physiotherapy will help you by moving your joints and muscles consciously to improve movement and improve circulation which will help in the healing process. These are highly effective in older people, kids, and pregnant women. If you are suffering from any kind of ailments, movement physiotherapy will help you in the rehabilitation process of any parts in your body. The whole body can be mobilized with orthopedic movements & exercises. If you are in Edmonton try contacting us regarding your pains & dysfunction, Our huge team of professional specialists will assist you in every possible way to help you reach your goals. 


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Why is Orthopedic Physiotherapy important?

Since all of us are made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints, it is easy to find out for us as physiotherapists where the stress points are. Stress points may be created as a result of overwork, surgery, and immobility. Immobility is mostly seen in older and lazy people. With older people the physical movements reduce dramatically. If you are around Edmonton we can help you get out of any ailments that can be cured with physiotherapy.

Our Family Physiotherapy practices are not confined only to the physical body, physical treatments impact the psychological body as well. We do treat both physical and psychological conditions.

We also provide counseling and schedule routines for people dealing with psychological problems. With Family Physiotherapy near you, you can easily escape from all the demons that you are fighting within you every day.

A report says one in four Canadians are going through mental ailments like depression and anxiety, this may also lead to muscular degeneration and orthopedic conditions. Some say psychological illness is like an insulin disorder that eats the body from within. The results can be seen with muscle pains and aches. Orthopedic conditions like Myalgia can be seen in people worldwide, our physical therapy will provide muscle pain relief and renew one’s regenerative power to move forward.
So, try our orthopedic physiotherapy and get your whole body working together like a cosmos again!