Are you currently battling with headache, either acute or severe, and need effective treatment for it? Physiotherapy and massage therapy can help you out. 

Family Physiotherapy can help provide you with various therapeutic techniques to relieve your pain whenever you are feeling pain or experiencing a headache. Sometimes, when you engage in certain activities, you feel pain in your head. But enough of the complaint. Do you know that Family Physiotherapy gives you relief from your constant headache? By booking an appointment and having a therapy session with us, our physiotherapist can help you relieve your headache as well as other pains. 

It is a known fact that headache is one of the third most commonly reported sources of pain worldwide. However, many people opt for self-medication when it comes to the issue of headaches. They aren’t eager to know if it’s chronic or tension headache. Instead of taking some pain-relieving medications, physiotherapy should be your first thought when you have a headache because it is very effective and provides a long-lasting solution to your problem.

Self medications help to relieve the pain for a short term. Still, if the pain is constant, like suffering from migraines, then these pain-relieving medications will not deliver you with the same long-term effects that physiotherapy will.

Mostly, headaches are attributed to cervicogenic headaches, meaning that they are related to the neck in some form. Any stress attached to the neck and inappropriate neck posture, and other known factors can add to weakness, strain, joints, and injury to the neck muscles. Pain circulates into the scalp, the side of the head, and the forehead, depending on the neck part involved.


Headache can be developed due to various activities. Whenever you fall victim to headaches, don’t hesitate to contact Family Physiotherapy if you are suffering from headaches or migraines, whether temporary, slight, constant, or chronic pains. All these can be treated in Family Physiotherapy with physiotherapy.

There are three types of headaches that all develop from different causes. They include:-


This type of headache involves neck pain and the three vertebrae at the top of the neck. Most people who work in professions that involve the neck or head positions are the most victim of developing cervicogenic headaches. Issues like cervicogenic headaches are triggered by work-related strain


 A mild to moderate pain is often described as feeling like a tight band around the head. Some of the symptoms are muscle pain, neck pain. It is caused by repetitive motions or prolonged posture in the neck/head. They occur because of a strain on the sensitive membrane around the brain. When the sensitive membrane becomes strained, it sends pain signals to the brain, which causes your headache.


This occurs when there are certain amounts of tension in the neck. It causes weaknesses damage and can likely lead to traumatic injury to the neck. This neck injury is common in musculoskeletal headaches, whereby the muscles connected to the tissues in the neck can get strained, which causes unbearable pain circulating in the head, face, shoulders, and neck.


Are you suffering from headaches or migraines, and do you need long-term relief? Why don’t you get in touch or consult  Family Physiotherapy? Schedule an appointment with our clinic today. At Family Physiotherapy, we provide the best quality physiotherapy treatment services and long-term pain relief to those suffering from headaches.

In Family Physiotherapy, our therapists are professionals and one of the best. We conduct a thorough test of your body and question you about the areas the pain evolves from and your medical history to know what type of headache you are suffering from and where the cause of the pain is.

A treatment plan will be designed specifically for you and your recovery. In Family Physiotherapy, our therapists know that patients have different symptoms, and they are not the same. 99.9% guarantee that your treatment plan will be created especially for you, alongside the best exercises and techniques for your specific condition. This is to ensure complete eradication of pain and a fast recovery process. 


Then schedule your appointment and contact us today to talk to one of our skilled therapists. Here in Family Physiotherapy, we provide a personalized treatment program that can ease your pain and aid your recovery process as well. After the whole treatment, we educate patients on how to limit the reoccurrence of headaches and how to manage it.

In Family Physiotherapy, our aim for treating headaches is to deliver long-term relief to our patients. To promote mobility and strengthen muscles in the neck and upper back. Our treatments will testify to others suffering from headaches and make you a healthy person again. So what are you waiting for? Relief is just a phone call away!.

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