Virtual Rehabilitation

During a virtual session, you connect with your physiotherapy through video conference technology on compatible gadgets such as a computer, laptop, or phone to be assessed and treated. If you have barriers that make it hard to leave your home or prefer ease on your terms, you can connect with our licensed physiotherapist through a virtual one-on-one session. This type of physiotherapy assures you safety, effectiveness, and ethical standards of care like in-person sessions. A virtual rehab session remains essentially the same despite the distance. It can be a pleasurable and rewarding new way to treat and manage your condition with professional guidance. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic in view and the new world changes, it has limited the usual physical meetings, making virtual rehabilitation a more sought-after option. The internet and your smart device can get you in touch with one of our physiotherapists under your rehabilitation program. Suppose you cannot leave your home because it could affect work or something else; it enables you to link up with our professional, experienced, and educated psychotherapists from anywhere around the globe. It is also a refreshing and delightful way to get medical attention and handle your health with proper consultancy. If you are experiencing any pain and cannot attend physical sessions, contact Family Physiotherapy to schedule a virtual appointment.

How do Virtual Rehab works?

It goes in a similar flow as a physical session would. The interactions with the therapists are the same, with slight adjustments since you are taking the instructions from home. The therapist in charge of your session will be tasked with assessing your situation and giving exercises and recommendations based on your responses. 

Once you schedule a meeting online with your physiotherapist, the scheduling plan and other necessary documents needed for the online meet will be sent to your e-mail confirming that the session has been booked. You will get a prompt before the due time for your appointment with a web link that connects you to the virtual meeting with your physiotherapist. It will grant you access to a video and audio session with a professional physiotherapist on our end. 

What do you gain from a virtual physiotherapy session?

  1. We relate with you with a complete understanding of your health conditions: many rehabilitators handle sessions based on symptoms and current health dispositions. We gather information about your entire health history, lifestyle choices, and your injury to determine what treatments are right for you per time. 
  2. We make a complete functional movement assessment to study your body movement and areas that need help to make treatment concise and compelling. 
  3. Your injuries will be studied to find areas of pain concentration and bring the best injury management practices to your notice so that you can monitor and manage your injury and prevent complications.
  4.  There will be a proof-based treatment that is individualized to your show, that might comprise of at least one of the accompanying:
  5. Self-preparation of delicate tissue or joints and stretches decreases torment and further develops portability.
  6. Recommendation of Empowering activities and Photographs, recordings, perusing material to help you.
  7. Verbal and visual signaling for ideal execution.
  8. You will be able to practice physical exercises and stretches.
  9. Offering movements and exercises as you can endure them.
  10. Suggest essential hardware – supports, upholds, and so on
  11. Give a full recovery brochure to follow.
  12. Continuous subsequent advancement through all phases of healing.
  13. Pay attention to your interests, and answer any inquiries you might have.

Advantages of Virtual Consideration versus In-Person Arrangement

There is a lot of exploration to recommend that virtual considerations are a reasonable other option and, in specific examples, offer a few benefits like:

  1. Eliminates openness as well as portability boundaries.
  2. Interfaces you with specialist organizations paying little mind to area.
  3. Secures your safety through shields and hearty preparations.
  4. Decreases travel time while as yet guaranteeing you get quality consideration.

Virtual Consideration and Broadened Medical Inclusion

Most expanded health care coverage organizations are giving inclusion to virtual consideration. Kindly contact your health provider to ask about your inclusion limits for virtual physiotherapy.  Notwithstanding, virtual physiotherapy is continually developing, and you are chanced to get your insurance agency to affirm your inclusion subtleties. Only a few healthcare providers do not include virtual services, but currently, we don’t know of any in Canada However, digitalized healthcare, and personalized care can be created for every individual. If you follow the instructions given in virtual sessions, with the help of your physiotherapists, you will have a speed-up recovery before you know it. 

Contact us for your virtual rehabilitation

To participate in a virtual session, set up your device in a location where your physiotherapist can have a clear view of your body and see you when performing specific movement positions and other physical activities, such as stretching, jumping, and running. Please make sure you pay attention to what you are interested in, as it helps you recover faster during your rehab section. It will be required of you to show all your body parts whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down. Put on something free and comfortable during your rehab section.

If you have a busy schedule or are unable to visit the Family Physiotherapy facility for a physical therapy session, opt for our virtual rehabilitation session. Depending on your condition, determines if your physiotherapy session can be done virtually or not. Contact Family Physiotherapy to make further inquiries and learn more on how virtual rehabilitation works.

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