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Sports Psychology Edmonton | Family® Sports Therapy Clinic

Sports Psychology Edmonton

Sports Psychology Edmonton | Family® Sports Therapy Clinic

Do you regularly participate in sports or want to enhance your team performance? We have sports psychology Edmonton to get you covered. Our sports psychology service is designed using a proven psychological approach to positively influence the performance of athletes as well as an entire team as a whole. We focus on utilizing every athlete’s physical and mental potential to enhance their output and performance toward achieving their set goals. Here at Family Physiotherapy, we understand the importance of creating a perfect balance between sporting activities and other extracurricular activities, that’s is why we have well-trained and licensed physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and mental performance consultants who will provide this service to ensure every limitation acting as a form of hindrance is eradicated completely, and your psychological capability is improved.  

Once you feel disturbed or not performing up to your expectation, contact Family Physiotherapy for immediate intervention. When you book an appointment with us, our physiotherapist will guide and improve your condition using therapeutic techniques and mental consultation sessions to assist you in achieving your goals. For further inquiries about sports psychology, call or email us to get an immediate response.

What do I benefit from a sports psychology session? 

Whether you are actively involved in sports or not, improving your overall performance is highly necessary during sporting activities, training, or any other activities. Sports psychology session helps athletes achieve their maximum potential that might have been difficult to attain due to an unstable mental state. Through this session, you will be able to develop a sound mental state as well as connect your body with your feelings, thoughts, and actions to meet your goals. 

Sports physiotherapy will help you achieve a STATE OF FLOW. At this peak, an athlete will be able to develop a strong and perfect balance between anxiety, failure, boredom, success, and energy.

During your sports psychology counselling session at Family Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists will teach and guide you on how to achieve a state of flow as well as improve your skills on how to manage difficult challenges. 

How does a sports psychology session look like at Family Physiotherapy? 

Firstly, this session is enjoyable and worth it. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, your physiotherapist will collaborate with you to understand your goal and experience limitations. During this discussion phase, you will be asked certain questions about your activities and how you aim to achieve your goal and improve your performance. Once all necessary information has been gathered, your physiotherapist will set up short, medium, or long-term goals. This will mostly depend on your aim and objective.

During your session, factors such as emotions, experiences, and feelings will be observed in order to know if they might hinder your goal. If these factors threaten your progress, specific strategies like Talk Therapy will be employed to disempower and manage them effectively. This session will identify your thinking traps, thought patterns, negative core beliefs, and other limitation elements that might be set back to your overall outcome. Try Sports Psychology Edmonton to improve your sports tactics and overall performance. Our sports psychology session, which includes mediation, cognitive behavior therapy, breathing techniques, self-talk, motivation building, eye movement desensitization reprocessing, visualization, mindfulness, and positive psychology, will be employed to reach the peak of your goals. 

At Family Physiotherapy, we help athletes and patients in various areas such as;

  • Self-confidence training 
  • Stress management 
  • Focus and concentration 
  • Performance under pressure 
  • Phobias 
  • Anxiety and doubt
  • Career counseling 
  • Performance of consistency
  • Smoke cessation counseling 
  • Anger and frustration management 
  • Mind/Body connection 

Begin your sports psychology session with us today!!!

Whether as a novice, amateur, or professional, attaining maximum flow & performance is possible. When you arrive at Family Physiotherapy, our Edmonton physiotherapists and Psychologists will help you to ensure your set goals are achieved. Contact Family Physiotherapy to book an appointment.

We will be happy to design a suitable short, medium, or long-term plan to achieve your goal and improve your overall performance.  We look forward to seeing you!!!