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Soft tissue release

Soft tissue release

Soft Tissue Release Therapy Edmonton

Soft tissue release PHYSIOTHERAPY Edmonton

Do you know about soft tissue release therapy? 

Soft tissue release is a special treatment used to help loosen tight muscles due to excessive use of certain body parts. This therapeutic area helps relieve pain in the muscle and fasten the recovery process. 

As an athlete or someone who engages in sporting or strenuous activities, lots of dedication is required to improve your performance during training or games. These activities are usually intensive to ensure your tissues and muscles function the way you want them to. But excessive use of these activities results in pain, soreness, and setback with your productivity, affecting your overall performance when preparing for competition, marathon, recital, or any game. 

If you feel muscle tightness or a decrease in your performance due to pain, contact Family Physiotherapy now! We will examine you and determine if soft tissue release can effectively address your problem to help you achieve your goal. 

All you need to know about soft tissues

Your muscles are made up of thin, small fibers that connect to one another to provide mobility between your muscle groups. The muscles are connected to the bone via connective tissues known as tendons to aid the movements of your body parts. Your bone is then connected to your ligaments to provide stability. These ligaments are covered by a tissue known as fascia. These components of your musculoskeletal system are referred to as soft tissues.

The major importance of soft tissue is to allow movement at your joint and give your body the endurance, strength, and stability to perform any tasks or activities. Even though soft tissue helps improve your day-to-day activities and abilities, certain limitations should not be exceeded to avert problems. For instance, when a particular tissue becomes damaged due to stress from mostly consistent activities, it can tear the tendon, which can cause a high amount of inflammation and swelling. Many athletes suffer from sprains in athletic activities due to stretching the ligament beyond its normal limit.

However, various conditions such as intense sporting activities and muscle tightness can cause injury, which can be treated using soft tissue release. This treatment technique will help reduce muscle tightness and prevent any possibility of reducing injuries that may occur.

What can I benefit from soft tissue release? 

Soft tissue release helps muscles injury and tissues heal faster in order to return to your regular activities or sport as soon as possible. This therapy can likewise be employed before commencing any energy-consuming activities, focusing on certain tissues and muscles frequently used to perform any task. It will help to relax, mobilize, and loosen these muscles before starting those types of activities, as well as keep them in a limber state throughout the process. Soft tissue release lowers the possibility of sprains, ruptures, and strains. 

Meet with us for a soft tissue release session!

Soft tissues are important components of the body that allow optimal performance. When these tissues are damaged or affected, your body’s overall function and health are kept at great risk.

If you feel any pain or want to benefit from soft tissue sessions, schedule an appointment with Family Physiotherapy today. Our massage therapist and physiotherapist will be willing to explain the treatment and how it can benefit and improve your performance both at sport and work. 

If you are an athlete, this therapeutic care is the best treatment for you