Balance and gait disorders

Stabilize your balance today with Family Physiotherapy treatments

Do you sometimes feel unstable or have to deal with uneven steps as you walk? Do you have to reach for the wall or objects to help aid your steps? Do you experience pains in your knees, hips, or other joints that have changed the way you usually do walk? If this is true, you might be suffering from balance and gait disorder.

You should know that one can develop balance and gait disorder due to different reasons and it can be physically and mentally draining. Prior musculoskeletal and neurological disorders can cause or worsen a balance or gait problem. 

Well, fortunately, physiotherapy can significantly reduce symptoms or even correct conditions.

For more information on how you can stabilize your balance and gait problem, contact Family Physiotherapy to request an appointment today. Our physiotherapists will be happy to examine your condition before creating a suitable treatment plan that can effectively correct this condition and prevent it from reoccurring in the future. 

What is the behind my balance or gait disorder?

Balance and gait disorders may result from different causes as they mostly develop from underlying conditions. Many balance disorders are due to issues related to the vestibular system, which collects fluid-filled chambers and sensory nerves in the ear and thousands of nerve receptors in the joints throughout your body.

The vestibular system controls the  sense of position, also known as “proprioception.”

Some of the vestibular conditions resulting in balance disorders include: 

Neurological issues: may include Parkinson’s disease, stroke, or brain injury. Anything that disrupts the neurological system could also affect body Balance.


Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV): This happens when calcium debris breaks off In the inner ear, making the body experience imbalance problem.

Injury:  The brain and nervous system can work in harmony. Sudden disease, injury, or other ailments can cause muscle weakness, which might affect your balance and make it look difficult to keep yourself in an upright posture whenever you are engaged in an activity or sitting.

What precisely is balance and gait disorder?

You have to understand that Balance and gait disorders belong to a family of functional problems that interfere with your positional awareness, your usual style of walking or running, and your ability to stand aright and straight.

Although Balance and gait disorders are closely related, but they have varying differences. 

While Balance disorders can be both physical and mental, the brain reasoning aspect may think you are taking a gradual step (movement), even when not. These change your joint mobility, and the ability to sense where your joints are in a vacuum  (proprioception) all have serious physical effects on your body Balance sooner or later.  

Gait disorders can cause unnatural movements to the way you walk and run, and these can become exaggerated with age. That’s why the aging ones in society today often lose their balance (fall) while walking. According to a global research report, it showed that gait disorders account for 17- 20 percent of senior falls.


Some ways to find relief for balance or gait disorder

Physiotherapy has proven to be the best option for improving balance, steadying movement, and walking. When you arrive at Family Physiotherapy, an examination will be performed to discover if you are suffering from balance and gait disorder. When that has been known, your physiotherapist will design a suitable plan that will effectively correct this condition. Some of your treatment programs for correcting balance and gait disorders include;


Vestibular rehabilitation

This physiotherapy treatment helps to enhance your nerves, muscles,  sight, and vestibular system so as to provide a steady balance that the body requires. If you are suffering from BPPV, Family Physiotherapy specialist will introduce a special exercise that will move calcium debris to the part of the ear it is expected to be. 


Gait retraining exercises

When a patient develops abnormalities in gait, it can be duly corrected through retraining. And with the help of a well-trained specialist,  you will learn proper techniques to aid your recovery process



Personal evaluation can help determine what problem areas in your body may need help. Family physiotherapist will provide you with exercises that will strengthen and build up your muscles, thus making it much easier for you to walk and reducing your risk of injury.



Stretching is a form of exercise that helps improve your flexibility and range of motion. This practice gives you more control and quicker reactions with movements, reducing your risk o injury since it can be practiced indoors. Stretches will also keep your muscles from becoming stiff and tight.


Ready to get back on your feet? 

If you have a balance or gait disorder, contact us today at Family Physiotherapy to request an appointment with one of the dedicated Edmonton physiotherapists. They will provide the best quality treatment you deserve to live a comfortable life. Our method is natural and highly effective in handling conditions related to pain. Meet with our specialist and discover the wonders of physiotherapy in correcting your balance and gait disorders.

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