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Are you experiencing pre or post-natal pain? Our physiotherapist can help you!

When a woman is pregnant, the body undergoes a series of changes. Some women may not feel any impact on their overall health, while, for others, it can bring discomfort and pain to them. 

As an expectant mother or someone who just gave birth, we understand that you might be feeling minor pains and discomfort. You don’t have to worry because we can help you relieve your pain before and after delivery. 

Our prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy program is designed to ensure your body is in a better condition before and after giving birth. No matter the pain or discomfort you are experiencing, our physiotherapists and massage therapists can help you prepare for the changes you are about to go through. 

Once you are pregnant, we urge you to register for a pre and post-natal pain relief session with Family Physiotherapy. This will help your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery to be pain-free. Our physiotherapists will be happy to develop a suitable plan that is subjected to modification as your pregnancy weeks increase as well as after delivery to ensure you are in a healthy condition. 

Benefits of physiotherapy for new and expecting mothers. 

Here at Family Physiotherapy, we help provide solutions to women suffering from pre and post-natal pains as a result of body changes from pregnancy and childbirth. Physiotherapy effectively relieves pains and various forms of problems using different therapeutic techniques depending on your condition. 

When you register for physiotherapy sessions during the prenatal and postnatal stages, it will help prepare your body to be capable of facing various challenges in life before and after delivery and during baby or child care. 

Does your pregnancy experience look horrible? Contact Family Physiotherapy let us help you!

Having a child shouldn’t be painful before or after childbirth. Every mother is expected to have a smooth delivery and live a healthy life after childbirth. We can make all these possible. We have highly trained and licensed physiotherapists who specialize in providing pre and post-natal pain relief. They will examine you, then design a suitable treatment plan to help relieve your pain or any underlying conditions. 

Contact Family Physiotherapy today. Let us get you started with a treatment plan to help you before and after pregnancy.

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