Myofascial Release Therapy Edmonton

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release Therapy Edmonton


Do you have muscle tension? We can use Myofascial release to provide relief!

Do you experience muscle tightness or stiffness? You may be suffering from a condition known as myofascial pain. This form of pain is caused by muscle irritation, which can limit your day-to-day activities as well as productivity. 

If you feel pain or discomfort from your muscle, we urge you to contact Family Physiotherapy to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners, who will be happy to design a perfect treatment as well as educate you on how myofascial release can address your problem.

Can myofascial release be effective for my condition? 

Of course, yes! When you are suffering from muscle stiffness or tightness, it can affect your mobility as well as cause pain. Through myofascial release therapy, tight muscles loosen up to improve mobility and comfort. 

Common conditions that can be treated with myofascial release

Myofascial release is very effective in treating various conditions. Some of these conditions include;

  • Fibromyalgia – This occurs when there is stiffness in multiple muscles. When you undergo a myofascial release session, the affected part will be identified and then massaged so as to loosen the muscles. 
  • Injury – when you sustain an injury, you may experience muscle stiffness. The myofascial release technique can then be applied to the affected spots to loosen up the muscles as well as fasten the healing process. 
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder – TMJ disorder is when the jaw muscle and bone are stiff and painfully when talking, chewing, etc. When a patient is suffering from TMJ disorder, myofascial release can reduce inflammation, ease pain, and improve mobility at the jaw. 
  • Myofascial pain syndrome – Myofascial release is frequently used for this condition. When a patient is diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome, the trigger point for your myofascial pain will be identified by the practitioner before massaging is performed at the affected spot. 
  • Chronic headaches/ migraines – Headache is known to be a common cause of pain globally. When you suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, the head and neck muscles will be massaged using the myofascial release technique to relieve the pain. 

However, there are more conditions where the myofascial release technique can effectively relieve pain and fasten recovery. If you think your condition needs myofascial therapy, contact Family Physiotherapy.

What are the benefits of myofascial release? 

Myofascial release is a type of therapeutic care that helps eradicate pain from tight or stiff muscles. When you arrive at our clinic, a practitioner experienced in myofascial release will administer this form of therapy at affected parts of the body. They will use their understanding and skills to determine what specific pressure points to apply to revive your fascia back to its normal condition.  

Meet with a myofascial release specialist at Family Physiotherapy today!

Do not spoil or limit your daily lifestyle due to muscle tightness or stiffness. If you are experiencing muscle tightness or stiffness, we urge you to contact us ASAP! We will design a treatment plan that will include a myofascial release session in order to ease your pain. Our team focuses on delivering the best quality treatment that can effectively address your problems. Call or email Family Physiotherapy to book an appointment with us.