Mental performance consulting

What is a mental performance consultation?

Mental performance consultation is an interdisciplinary science that helps to focus on your mental processes in relation to your physical skills and abilities. A mental performance consultant is a skilled person in many fields who uses knowledge from kinesiology, psychology, biomechanics, and physiology to identify how targeted goals can be achieved. These days, sports psychologists and mental performance coaches are recognized by the majority of the good athletes. A mental performance consultant will assist you in handling the pressure, hard training, high expectations, performing well, and maximizing your potentials.

In short, an assessment looks at how psychological elements influence physical performance and how participation in sports can affect the psychological interpretation of a person. It can also help you recover from injury and elevate the total performance by alleviating any psychological barriers. A mental performance consultant should be of use at any stage to help you develop a comprehensive plan joined with specific strategies tailored to meet your personal goals, which are influenced by your age, level, and sport.

Here at Family Physiotherapy, our mental performance consultants employ empirically derived techniques and methods to create unique plans to assist you in your athlete’s activities. These services aim to; 

  • Develop pre-performance routines to improve mindset
  • Help rehabilitate and return to action following an injury 
  • Pact with burdens and stress by being considerate of them and regulating your responses
  • Build confidence
  • Improve concentration and attention span
  • Build motivation and goal setting skills
  • Teach performance-enhancing methods such as conception, self-talk, and easing policies
  • Help to the experience of pain during the recovery process
  • Offer parent consultations

Our mental performance consultants, who are well-experienced, are an essential asset during the rehabilitation of athletes affected by injury. 

Benefits of mental performance consultation at Family Physiotherapy

There are numerous benefits of mental performance consultation, especially for athletes or some who engage in strenuous activities. Some of the benefits of participating in this therapy session include; 

  • Regulate stress and emotions
  • Learn about some specific performance enhancement techniques
  • Improve commutation skills
  • Create and positive environment
  • Reach your performance potential in the aspect of life
  • Improve your decision making
  • Mental plan for training and competitions
  • Improve your motivation, concentration, and confidence

If you invest your time, energy, and time practicing, lifting weights, working hard, changing diet, buying the best equipment, and working techniques. All this physical training will assist you in improving your performance and achieving your goals. Your full version requires a good mental game, and cognitive skills contribute significantly to the ultimate performance. Most athletes neglect mental game performance, but you shouldn’t involve in such too.

Skills you will acquire during mental performance consultation.

Every action that you take is a mental component. You will get many benefits when working on your cognitive skills for sport. A mental performance consultant will provide certain strategies to attain ultimate performance, which includes:

  • Focusing– This can eliminate every criticism, negative thoughts, distractions, and crowd noise to immerse the athlete at the moment.
  • Proactive confidence– Confidence is the most thoughtful contribution to performance. It builds daily attention to assist the body, mind, and soul.
  • Relaxation skills– This is the ability to be quiet in the body and mind with the right level of excitement for activities you are planning to engage in.
  • Manage pressure– Pressure can be challenging for you as an athlete to overcome. The fear of failure or the need to get things right can cause you to underperform at essential competitions.
  • Goal-setting This is defining a well-defined aim for the season. Your goal setting should include short-term plans, goals, and action.
  • Stable inspiration – Motivation can be problematic during slumps or a long season but necessary too.
  • Mental Rehearsal – Visualization prepares your attention and physique to purpose as one unit and emotionally produces imageries of how you want to achieve soon.
  • Trust skills – Trust in skills helps you take the practice game to competition and rely on what they trained–under the pressure of competition. 
  • Injury recovery – After an injury, you may need help tolerating pain, adhering to their physical therapy regimen, getting back into action, or adjusting to being sidelined.

Contact Family Physiotherapy today!

Mental performance consultation focus on your cognitive skills and abilities. There are several skills that a mental performance consultant will assist you with in order to help you achieve your goals and perform better in your daily activities. If you are an athlete or someone who does energy-consuming activities, going for a mental performance session is important. Contact Family Physiotherapy to schedule an appointment with one of our Edmonton mental performance consultants. Also, if you want to make further inquiries about this program, call or email us.

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