Lymphedema Drainage Physiotherapy Edmonton

Lymphedema Drainage

Lymphedema Drainage

Lymphedema Drainage Physiotherapy Edmonton

Lymphedema Drainage PHYSIOTHERAPY Edmonton

Are you experiencing swelling in your arms or legs? You may be suffering from lymphedema.

Lymphedema is a health problem that usually causes swelling at specific body parts such as the chest, abdomen, legs, face, or arm due to blockage of the lymphatic system.  This blockage can be due to surgery, infection, radiation, or cancer. In some cases, it can also be caused due to genetics. 

At Family Physiotherapy, we have trained and licensed massage therapists who treat patients suffering from lymphedema. If you are experiencing this condition, you don’t have to bother yourself anymore; we will use this physiotherapy technique (lymphatic drainage) to relieve you from any pain in order to achieve the comfort that you deserve. Our practice is safe, non-invasive, and very effective. Contact us today to book an appointment now!

How does lymphatic drainage work?

Lymphatic drainage is therapeutic care designed for patients already diagnosed with lymphedema. When you arrive for this special manual therapy at Family Physiotherapy, your massage therapist will provide a gentle massage using both hands on the affected body part and surrounding areas. Through lymphatic drainage, lymph fluid at affected parts of the lymphatic system is moved into functioning parts, allowing the fluid to be transported throughout the circulatory system.  

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We know that suffering from lymphedema can be debilitating and painful, but Family Physiotherapy can help you eradicate the pain. A complete physical assessment will be performed when you arrive at our clinic. Information such as medical history, health limitations, and experiencing symptoms will be asked to give your physiotherapist a broad understanding of your previous and current condition. 

If you have been diagnosed with lymphedema, contact Family Physiotherapy immediately. We will design a personalized treatment plan to help treat your condition. Our lymphatic therapy program is non-invasive, safe, and 100% effective in treating lymphedema.  Your treatment will be focused on easing your pain and fastening your recovery process. 

Come to us, and we will provide that relief you need!