Do you want to be part of the Family Physiotherapy team? Here is all you need to know 

Here at Family Physiotherapy, our goal is to provide patients with the best quality treatment services that can effectively address every problem as well as underlying conditions contributing to the pain and discomfort. We depend solely on advanced methods to ensure our patients are given the best services tailored to their needs, objectives, and goals.

Every treatment we provide is strictly natural, non-invasive, and 100% safe during and after treatment. Our clinic welcomes proposals for administrative and therapy positions from willing individuals who will love to help others and tackle different challenges to make their surroundings and the entire world a better place to be. During our screening process, we consider individuals who have the zeal, passion, and drive to provide necessary care to those in need in order to achieve patients’ goals.

Our vision 

To provide every patient with the best quality treatment services to ensure they can move, feel, perform, and live the perfect life they want anytime with any limitation and pains. We help improve patients’ lives and overall health conditions using therapeutic techniques while aiming to be a top choice physiotherapy clinic in both Edmonton and Canada. 

Ready to be part of our Edmonton physiotherapy team? 

If you know that you can contribute to our clinic’s current state while working in line with the vision, cores, philosophy, and objectives of Family Physiotherapy, we urge you to send in your application by filling the form on our website as well as providing specified details. Once you have been selected, we happily look forward to your collaboration with our dedicated team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and mental performance consultants.