Dance Rehabilitation

Dance Rehabilitation

Dance Rehabilitation

Did you sustain an injury while dancing or a dance parent who struggles to see your child perform in pain? Then make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists at Family Physiotherapy in Edmonton, Canada, now! They possess the expertise, experience, and commitment necessary to restore you to peak performance.

What is the purpose of dancer rehabilitation? 

Dancers are individuals who perform at the pinnacle of human performance; as such, they present a unique set of health and sports medicine-related challenges that necessitate a thorough understanding and respect of their trade. Dancers are unique in numerous ways when it comes to physiotherapy examination and treatment. When evaluating injured dancers, your physiotherapist must look at the damage and make an attempt to understand why the injury occurred. This is true of all dancing forms. By gaining a better understanding of the types and patterns of damage, we can potentially prevent or mitigate many of them in the future. 

Our complete dancer rehabilitation program consists of the following: 

  • Screening of Dancers 

Pre-season evaluations at Family Physiotherapy in Edmonton, Canada, include biomechanical and movement assessments of a dancer’s health and fitness via surveys and physical tests. In an ideal world, screening would occur before the onset of pain or injury. Screening assists dancers with goal planning, effective and efficient dance training, injury avoidance, and recommendations on how to continue dancing for the rest of their lives. Additionally, it assists dance educators in identifying dancer trends, strengths, and weaknesses and in developing a dance-specific conditioning program. 

  • Rehabilitation for dancers 

This dance-specific physiotherapy assessment at Family Physiotherapy occurs following an injury. The objective is not only to recover from the injury but also to identify the variables that contributed to it and eliminate them from everyday practice. Our dance physiotherapist is familiar with the daily needs of various dance practices and performances, which enables her to create a care plan that incorporates the most appropriate therapeutic approaches and progression of dance-specific exercises. This enables the dancer to return to the studio or stage rapidly. 

  • On-site Treatment

Having a physiotherapist on hand backstage or in the studio in the event of an injury is an excellent approach to manage the issue immediately and expedite the recovery process. 

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There are numerous advantages to consulting a physiotherapist who has walked in your shoes. Today, make an appointment with Family Physiotherapy! We can assure you of a better improvement after completing this session.