Ease your pain through cupping therapy

Are you aware cupping has been in existence for a long time? 

Over the years, many physiotherapists have adopted this therapy method to relieve pains and fasten the recovery process. Cupping initially started in ancient Egypt, chines, and middle-east. 

In ancient times, cupping was used as alternative medicine by placing cups on the affected skin so as to create suction.  But in this modern era, it is further used to improve blood flow, decrease inflammation, promote relaxation, and relieve pain. 

If you would love to further inquire about how cupping can benefit your condition, contact Family Physiotherapy today to book an appointment and learn more about this form of therapeutic care.

How does a cupping session look like at Family Physiotherapy? 

The cupping session looks a bit diabolical, but it is very effective and beneficial to patients suffering from pains. When you arrive for a cupping session at our clinic, your massage therapist will put flammable substances such as herbs or alcohol into a specially designed cup, then light it up. As the fire burns, it will get to a stage where the fire will subside. When it subsides, the cup will be placed upside down on the affected parts of your skin. Due to the decrease of air temperature in the cup creates a vacuum, making the blood vessels expand and skin rise.

Although, due to technological advancement, modern methods have been designed using rubber pumps rather than fire to build the vacuum. At the same time, silicone cups help to provide a massage effect on the affected part. 

What can I benefit from cupping? 

Cupping can be referred to as a tissue distraction release technique. When performing cupping, the specially designed cups are moved gently across different areas of the body that might be causing pain in order to separate and lift the tissue.  Cupping helps to enhance the release of the interface between the musculoskeletal system, improves local circulation, enhances lymphatic flow, relaxes muscles, releases scar tissue adhesion, and releases trigger points.  

However, science has proved that cupping is an effective method of therapeutic care that can be administered for various acute or chronic conditions. Some of these conditions include low back pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic neck pain.

Forms of cupping techniques 

Currently, there are three forms of cupping techniques. These include;

  • Circular 
  • Longitudinal (most common technique, which requires gliding the cup along longitudinal direction across the muscle fibers)
  • Cross fiber. 

How do I know if a cupping session will be effective? 

When you opt for cupping therapy, the suction created by the cups helps build a negative pressure which helps to increase blood flow to tissues, hydration, lowers adhesions, and reduces too many fluids. 

Cupping is a therapy treatment that can be used for various conditions, whether you are in need of lymphatic drainage or deep tissue massage. You might know that cupping is a therapy treatment that is not performed on skin with infections, burns, active inflammation, or wounds. Although whenever you have a cupping session, you are likely to have bruises on your skin which can take up to less than three weeks before it gets healed. Bruises usually get to heal up with time, therefore do not panic when you have one.

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We will be happy to provide a quality cupping treatment to address your problem.

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