Family Physiotherapy team is available to provide information and support to concussion patients.

Family Physiotherapy is a licensed and approved complete concussion management clinic (CCMI) in Edmonton, Canada. We have a certified team of physicians who are physiotherapists versed with best practices for concussions. Concussions happen mostly to amateur and professional athletes globally. Family Physiotherapy strives to be the best and forefront in concussion diagnosis, concussion rehabilitation, and concussion management.

When you come for an appointment at Family Physiotherapy, we use comprehensive and multi-modal approaches toward curing concussions; these approaches are based on current and advanced concussion research. Let’s discuss concussions.

What is a concussion? 

A concussion is a kind of traumatic brain injury, disruption in neurological operation caused by a physical impact to the head or other part of the body. It is caused by a biochemical imbalance within the brain cells, which leads to a decrease in blood flow and stopgap energy deficit within the brain. Some of the effects of concussions are headaches, mood swings, and dizziness. May also include neck pain, mood, and sleep changes and improper thinking,

The series recommendation is “recognize, remove, rest and rehab” following a suspected concussion patient.

When a concussion happens to someone on the pitch, remove such a player, assess and place the player on rest for a few days for quicker energy recovery. This method is important for sports events where their an absence of trained medical care. For a non-sport concussion, it is advisable to stop all activities and rest immediately. It can take 24 – 48 hours to certain of a concussion patient after a thorough assessment by trained Family Physiotherapy.

What are “red flag” concussion symptoms? 

A “red flag” evince great danger. In concussion, Red flags indicate no serious injuries sustained, like bleeding or swelling in the brain. When there are “Red flags,” the patient should immediately be taken to any close by the hospital as an emergency.

What to consider as a danger for adults

In an exceptional case, blood clotting may form in the brain, crowding the brain against the skull, which can lead to the following

  • Slurred speech
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Chronic headache
  • Weakness. Numbness or decreased coordination.

Additionally, if you notice the following symptoms, it is advisable to visit the emergency section of the hospital nearby:

  • If you look exhausted or find it difficult to be awakened.
  • If you noticed an imbalance in the size of your pupil (the black bank part in the middle of the eye).
  • Convulsion and seizure
  • Difficulty in recognizing people, objects, and places
  • Getting rottenly confused, restless, or agitated.
  • Behaving unusual
  • Loss of consciousness (short or long loss of consciousness should be carefully monitored).

What to consider as a danger for children with a concussion 

Parents or guidance should take a child to the emergency department if reported receiving a blow, bump, or jolt to the head or other part of their body. For children, concussion symptoms include the following,

  • Continuous crying
  • Anorexia (lack of appetite)
  • And any of the danger symptoms listed above for adults.

When there is no red flag, then you can rest at home. Research has shown that improper resting or indulging in mental or physical activities within 1-3 days of concussion can slow the rate of recovery. Resting is highly recommended, no sports, schools, or work.


At Family Physiotherapy, when it’s time to assess concussion by our specialist, will help patients to develop a plan of action. This assessment will include several tests to get more information about your well-being, balance, memory, coordination, and eye movements.

Energy deficit occurs in the brain due to sustained injuries in the head, leading to a low energy state in the brain. A concussion can reoccur to the patient if the brain suffers additional trauma. This reoccurrence can cause severe brain injuries with potentially permanent or fatal results. It is advisable to follow our advice strictly at Family Physiotherapy to recovery completely

What is the Duration to recover from a concussion?

The absence of these symptoms doesn’t always mean the brain has completely recovered. A patient may feel better within days after a concussion. To avoid reoccurrences, Family Physiotherapy is here to help test the different aspects of your brain functionality. The post-injury assessment is multi-modal and evaluates systems, memory, concentration, balance and proprioception, eye movements, reaction time, and strength, all shown to be impaired following a concussion.

Fortunately, concussion recovery time in about 80-90% of patients is always less than a month. Some recover in about two weeks. But in younger athletes, it may take a longer time. Each patient’s concussion is different, likewise the recovery duration.

What’s new concussion management? 

Initially, resting was recommended for concussion patients till all symptoms were gone. However, symptoms may change over time. If not noticed, patients may feel worse and experience more discomfort. The current international consensus states that too much rest may promote prolonged symptoms. After 24-48 hours of rest, patients are encouraged to gradually begin activities that do not worsen their symptoms. Activities can include light exercise and cognitive tasks.

Continuous rest after 5- 7 days may not be helpful. A groundbreaking study by renowned researchers in Ottawa showed that children who rest longer have persistent symptoms than restless children and begin light activity after about seven days. Many suggested reasons for this include improved brain circulation, restoring more normal routine and social connections, and maintaining fitness, which aids quicker recoveries.

What is the right time to get help for a concussion? 

If you suspect that your child, you, or someone you know, contact Family physiotherapy to schedule an appointment for immediately for proper care, thorough examination, and recovery plan. When you get to our clinic, our physiotherapist will ensure you get the best treatment that is very suitable for your body and condition. If you are living around Edmonton, you can reach out to us anytime

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