Athletics Event Coverage Edmonton | Family® Physiotherapy

Athletics Event Coverage Edmonton


Athletics Event Coverage Edmonton | Family® Physiotherapy

Family physiotherapy is one of the clinics in Edmonton that provide first response services during an athletic event. Our Athletic& sports physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists are well-trained in delivering athletics event coverage services.

Our Athletic Events Coverage services cut across

  • Return to play assessment 

  • Clinics follow up when required 

  • On-field assessment 

  • First aid and emergency first response treatment

  • Sport wrapping and tapping 

  • Emergency spinal care 

  • Complete sideline concussion management

We have been opportune to render these services in most athletic events in Edmonton and other places in Canada. Some of these events include; 

  • Combative sports 

  • Football (rep and house league)

  • Local triathlons and races 

  • Canada winter games 

  • Rugby (rep and national)

  • Touring Broadway musicals and dance presentation

  • Figure skating (local, national, international)

  • World Junior Hockey championships

  • World masters rowing and royal Canadian Henley regatta

  • World figure skating championship. 

Will you like us to cover your athletic event? 

Family physiotherapy has vast experience in providing professional and consistent medical as well as therapeutic care for athletes and other performers. You can contact Family Physiotherapy to discuss further on your event. Our presence will keep your mind at rest and also ensure all athletics are in their optimal state.

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