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Alter-G Anti Gravity Treadmills

Alter-G zero gravity treadmills have played an essential role in contemporary physiotherapy. This device gives patients the same benefits that professional athletes have in healing and training. The equipment helps physiotherapists assist patients in gaining weight in a good, safe, and pleasant setting. This approach is also used to alleviate pain and hasten to heal.

The Alter-g zero-gravity treadmill was initially developed for astronauts traveling to the International Space Station. The equipment was designed to allow people to work out on the treadmill in space. This unique technical equipment has been created to assist patients in lowering lower body weight.

This treatment equipment successfully decreases pain, improves recovery, lowers the risk of injury, provides the therapist with a session progress report of the patient, and, finally, works as a health and rehab tool for athletes.

Contact Family Physiotherapy Clinic if you are experiencing acute or chronic pain, have had a non-operative injury, are about to have surgery, have already had surgery, or are unsure if you might benefit from a weight-bearing environment. Using our Alter-G Zero treadmill, we will enhance your existing condition.

What are the circumstances that may necessitate the use of a zero-gravity treadmill?

The Alter-G zero-gravity treadmill can help with neurological and orthopedic issues.

 Some neurological problems include: 

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Stroke recovery
  • Post-polio syndrome

Some orthopedic issue

  • Total hip replacement 
  • ORIF fractures
  • Tendinitis 
  • ACL damage and repair
  • Total knee replacement
  • Meniscus tears and repair 
  • MCL tear and repair
  • Low back discomfort 
  • Osteoarthritis of the hips and knees 

What does a session on the Alter-G zero-gravity treadmill look like?

When a patient arrives at Family Physiotherapy Clinic for this session, our physiotherapists will supply them with a pair of neoprene shorts. You will mount the equipment.

The Alter-G zero-gravity treadmill will detect the patient’s weight and automatically create a lifting force that will successfully lower the patient’s body weight by 80% by utilizing air pressure. The patients will be able to run and stroll to lose weight. The encircling steel structure contributes to optimal stability in a weight-bearing environment. Before and during the session, the Alter-G read weight may be adjusted.

Benefits of the Alter-G zero-gravity treadmill

  • Improves balance and stability 
  • Improves athlete performance
  • Improves cardiovascular strength, condition, and coordination 
  • Reduces the possibility of falling and osteoporosis
  • Improves and rehabilitates neurological conditions
  • Weight management 
  • Reduces joint and soft tissue impact when running or walking
  • Decreases stress at the joint
  • Pain relief

Visit Family physiotherapy clinic today for a session on the Alter-G zero-gravity treadmill

Alter-G has excelled in treating individuals suffering from ankle pain, back discomfort, joint replacements, and knee pain. When you participate in this therapy, your body weight can be increased or decreased in 1% increments ranging from 20% to 100%.

This therapy is highly suggested for elite athletes as well as the elderly. It detects and corrects gait irregularities, poor movement patterns, and balance/stability issues.

If you have any questions or believe Alter-G therapy may improve your problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Family Physiotherapy Clinic. Our physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists will gladly examine your issue and develop a treatment plan for you.

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