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Did you recently have amputation surgery? Family physiotherapy can provide the necessary care to relieve your pain.

Accepting an amputation surgery isn’t an easy decision due to the life changes associated with it. As much as amputation helps to protect your health, it can also lead to temporary or permanent disability, affects physical appearance, limits movement, and lowers productivity 

Not able to withstand the changes prone to happen after amputation? Family Physiotherapy provides rehabilitation programs to cater to amputated victims after being discharged from the hospital. We combine both post-surgical and amputation rehabilitation programs to help such victims ease pain and fasten their recovery process and make them walk. If you are about to undergo amputation surgery, we also have a pre-surgical rehab program to prepare you and increase your chances of having a successful surgery, this is proven in many studies. 

Amputation Rehab Edmonton

If you want to know more about our amputation rehab program, contact Family Physiotherapy to book an appointment with one of our Edmonton physiotherapists who will examine your condition and develop a suitable treatment plan to aid your recovery and healing process in order to live a pain-free life. 

When you actively participate in our amputation rehab session, your treatment progress will depend on certain factors such as;

  • Extend disability 
  • Supports from close ones
  • Overall health condition 
  • Type and level of amputation.  

Amputation rehab is very beneficial in improving the condition of an amputee in order to achieve a comfortable and independent state.  At Family Physiotherapy, we employ the use of various physiotherapy techniques to lessen the amount of pain felt as well as improve their health condition both physically and mentally. During this session, we educate them on things they can achieve in life, as an amputee. We use some case studies and real-life stories to build their self-esteem and mindset. 

Here at Family Physiotherapy, our goal and aim are to help every amputee maximize their potential both at home and in the community. We use therapeutic skills and mental performance consultation to build their courage, independence, and self-esteem. In all of everything, we strongly advise loved ones to show love and support to them because this will aid their rehabilitation process. 

Features of Amputation rehabilitation session at Family Physiotherapy

  • Adaptation skills 
  • Exercises to improve endurance, muscle, control, and strength 
  • Use of an assistive device 
  • Activities to restore activities of daily living (ADLs), maximum independence, and improve motor skills.
  • Education
  • Treatment to heal wounds and fasten the recovery process 
  • Management of postoperative and phantom pain Counseling sessions 
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Emotional support to help improve self-esteem and reduce overthinking of their new condition
  • Fitting and use of artificial limbs 

Types of amputation rehabilitation programs

  • Acute rehabilitation programs 
  • Day-treatment programs 
  • Vocational rehabilitation programs 
  • Outpatient rehabilitation programs 

What are the benefits of amputation rehab after surgery

After amputation surgery, a patient will likely develop trauma and low self-esteem. But a therapy session at Family Physiotherapy with our physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and mental performance consultants can help rediscover your potential and new capabilities.  

When you arrive for an amputation rehab session, your health status is our priority. That’s is why we provide the best quality therapy care to help eradicate pain, improve strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and enhance your overall health condition. As an amputee, you may develop feelings of having limitations or rejection from society. But we are ready and willing to provide you with full support and love while tailoring your treatment plan to address all your needs. 

No matter the level of amputation, Family Physiotherapy is prepared to welcome you and provide the necessary care you need to live an independent and comfortable life. 

Ready to begin an amputation rehab? 

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort after amputation surgery, we urge you to contact Family Physiotherapy as soon as possible. Do not cause more harm to your health by living with pain. Our physiotherapists will help you develop a personalized rehabilitation plan to address your problem as well as other underlying conditions you may be suffering from.  

Our amputation rehabilitation is built on love, support, and technology. Get in touch with us today and learn more about the program!!!

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