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Do you feel pain daily, have health issues that need to be attended to ASAP, or need medical guidance and advice on looking strong, fit, and healthy?

Then, physical therapy is for you! 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the desire of everybody. However, some of us end up experiencing different degrees of pain or discomfort whenever we engage in physical activities. You don’t have to bother yourself if you fall under this category because family physiotherapy can come to your rescue.

Luckily, this regimen is suitable for both old and young people. So, if you are living in Edmonton or its surrounding communities and looking for a solution to help relieve your pain, feel free to contact us today. We will be delighted to provide this therapeutic care to improve your strength, mobility, fitness, and other body functions.

What is physical therapy?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people.

To answer this question, physical therapy Is a professional medical field that deals with treating and managing a wide range of health conditions using physical methods such as exercise, massage, and acupuncture without administering drugs or carrying out invasive surgery.

Physical therapy is also known as physiotherapy or kinesiology. When some patients are introduced to this therapeutic care, they assume it is a painful session. But it isn’t so. At the family physiotherapy clinic, our physiotherapist will deliver this session without any form of discomfort or pain. They will use a personalized treatment plan that will include in-clinic and home exercises tailored to their problem in order to improve stability, mobility, flexibility, and overall strength. 

Why is physiotherapy the right option for you?

There are a thousand and one reasons why you should decide to go for physical therapy. These reasons include:

The reasons to choose physical therapy are endless. So, take a step to maintain and improve your health by visiting one of our physiotherapists today!

What to expect when you come for a physical therapy session at family physiotherapy

Common techniques used for physical therapy regimen at family physiotherapy.

There are a lot of techniques adopted by our physiotherapists to deliver this therapeutic care to various patients. These techniques include:

1.Exercise and movement

Exercise is one of the most important hand techniques used by physiotherapists. This method helps to reduce the pain levels in your body.


This is also one of the most recommended techniques used by physical therapists. It helps to reduce stress, lower anxiety levels, and improve sleep.


Hydrotherapy includes exercises that are performed inside water. It helps improve mobility and ensures that the patient’s muscles are strong and healthy.


This technique requires the use of medical tapes around several parts of the body to provide support for the body.

Other techniques include Acupuncture, dry needling, ultrasound, workplace physiotherapy, Manual manipulation, electrical nerve stimulation, demonstration, device provision, functional testing e.t.c can be adopted depending on a patient assessment outcome.

Are you looking for a Physiotherapist near you?

If you want to live an active, comfortable, and pain-free life, physiotherapy in Edmonton can help you achieve your goal. No matter the condition you are experiencing, family physiotherapy specialists can provide the relief you need to ease your pain. Contact us today to book an appointment or make further inquiries about this regimen. We will be delighted to help you recover as soon as possible.